Jingdong Gaming won the 3rd set match between Jingdong Gaming and Bilibili Gaming at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational Bracket Stage held at Copper Box Arena in London on the 14th. In a word, the match was a one-deal difference. During this series, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok proved that he was worth the salary paid by Jingdong Gaming with his skills on a different level.

Biribili Gaming’s bottom duo succeeded in changing the flow of the laning match by entering the 3rd set. Biribili Gaming’Elk-On’ duo took the lead by catching Lulu, the opponent’s supporter who had low stamina. Biribili Gaming was able to play the game on an equal footing compared to the previous two sets thanks to Bottom’s good performance.

Biribili Gaming, which played well, suffered a crushing defeat in the dragon battle. Biribili Gaming opened the battle by cutting off Sejuani first with Nautilus’ ultimate, but they couldn’t stop ‘Ruler’ Jerry’s free deal. Biribili Gaming fought another battle in the battle near the opponent’s blue buff later, but ‘Ruler’ won another victory over Jingdong with a super play that changed the battle 안전놀이터.

Biribili Gaming tried to solve the game with battle somehow, but it couldn’t handle the firepower of ‘Ruler’. Even in the ensuing battle, ‘Ruler’ recorded 9 kills with Nodes, and they scattered like fallen leaves in front of ‘Ruler”s gun. ‘Ruler’ led the series to victory by making most of the kills with his own hands while recording only two deaths. Later ‘Ruler’

3-0 win over JDG and BLG, K-One Deal worth the salary

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