1. Games with a horror movie theme
    Truth be told, we can’t resist a stellar movie-themed slot. There’s nothing like bringing the excellent graphics and storylines of the latest blockbuster films into an entertaining slot. Think of games based on the King Kong and Jumanji movies – both titles became incredibly popular slots.

In the past, we’ve even seen slots dedicated to horror classics such as Halloween, Circus of Horror and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Still, we believe the horror movie slot theme is underused in the online casino game industry.

The 2010s brought with them a horror renaissance, which delighted horror fans. Top chilling releases in this horror nouveau genre include Hereditary, Get Out and The Killing of a Sacred Deer to name a few. With horror becoming more and more psychological and personal, we’d love to see online slots for real money featuring these modern horror titles.

While we wait to see what horror movie slots will bring in the future, we have some excellent horror slots to keep you terrified and entertained.

Horror slots to spin:
Halloween Jack – NetEnt
Ghostbusters – IGT
Blood Suckers (1&2) – NetEnt

  1. Games with a celebrity theme
    With the rise of social media, we have access to more than the movies and music created by stars. Now we have a window to see their lives as well. Even the word “celebrity” has changed to encompass a wider group of people. It’s not just movie stars, it’s YouTubers, reality TV stars and influencers. With the likes of Instagram and Twitter, we’re all a little obsessed with our beloved icons.

Instead of playing a slot based on one movie or show, why not pay tribute to a celebrity’s entire career in one slot? Recently slots have been created for stars like Ozzy Ozbourne, Ellen Degeneres, David Hasselhoff and Marilyn Monroe. Some slots feature American politicians like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Who wouldn’t want to spin a slot machine poking fun at their favorite icons? Celebrity slots can deliver life-like graphics paired with some inside jokes and Easter eggs for true fans. While these themed games are still difficult to find, here are two celebrity casino games to play online.

Celebrity slots to spin:
Ozzy Osbourne – NetEnt
Jimmy Hendrix – NetEnt

  1. Games with an African theme

Sure, it sounds ridiculous to think an entire continent can be a slot theme. But African countries feature mythical tales and creatures, breathtaking landscapes and scenes, and unique cultures and traditions. All these factors make Africa a worthy inspiration for the next larger-than-life stunning online slot machine. How about we trade the King Arthur slots for the tales of the unstoppable Zulu King Shaka and his ruthless empire? Or trade vampires and werewolves for the Ayida dragon or the Ethiopian pegasus?

Despite what most Africa-themed slots might have you believe, Africa is so much more than safaris and wildlife. What better way to travel through the historic geographical landscape of some of Africa’s most vibrant nations than through a captivating slot? We’re keen to see more slots featuring Africa’s legends, folklore, traditions and art. As much as we all love an Egyptian slot, it’s time to give the limelight to other nations on the continent.

To embark on your own African adventure, here are the best online casino games to play with an African theme.

African slots to spin:
Zulu Treasure – Ainsworth
Animals of Africa – Microgaming
Silverback Multiplier Mountain – Microgaming
Safari Heat – Playtech

  1. Games with a game show theme
    The Price is Right, Deal or No Deal Megaways, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and even Britain’s Got Talent Megaways – we must have enough game show slots by now, right?

Sure, there is a plethora of game show-themed slots to play at casinos online. However, sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t bad. Game shows were made for integration into casino games. Both on TV and in an online slot or live casino game, players are competing to win cash prizes or rewards. With a game show slot, some of the bonuses and features are the same features you loved when you watched the show on TV. It’s no surprise that game shows are one of the most popular themes, often boasting exciting bonus features and high RTPs (return to player.)

There’s another reason why we’re begging for more game show slots. Many instant-hit game shows have been released in the last few years, some even featuring the biggest comedy and TV stars. Trending shows include The Floor is Lava, Assembly Required, Don’t and The Masked Singer. There’s more to come and it’s only fitting that we want more innovative casino game adaptations. Be honest, aren’t you picturing the Masked Singer casino slot in your head right now?

Here’s our selection of old and new casino games to play with this theme.

Game show slots to spin:
Slingo Deal or No Deal – Slingo Originals
The Price is Right – IGT
Wheel of Fortune Megaways – IGT

4 Casino Game Themes We Don’t See Enough Of

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