A lethargic defeat came out by the highest score ever in professional basketball.

99 to 43. It was a difference of 56 points.

The losing team even took on the disgrace of being the lowest score ever.

This is reporter Kim Tae-wook.

A clean middle shot and a three-point shot from the staff-back.

Even penetration that breaks the defense.

KGC’s one-sided attack shakes Carrot out of his mind.

CEO Heo Jae’s expression, as if embarrassed, explains everything.

99 to 43.

Carrot was defeated by a whopping 56 points.

It is a disgraceful record for the highest score difference in history.

The previous record was 54 points from the regular league.

It was 8 years ago.

On top of that, it has even been stigmatized as the lowest scoring team in the playoffs.

The defense can’t keep up with the opponent, and the shot you throw doesn’t even reach the rim.

The players gave up halfway due to continued mistakes and injuries to key players.

Of his 50 3-pointers on the day, only seven went through the rim.

Teams with the most 3-pointers per game are overshadowed.

Carrot has not been easy this season.

We have been driven into numerous crises, such as unpaid wages and non-payment of league subscription fees.

[Kim Seung-gi / Coach Carrot (Last 10th)]
“It was very, very difficult, but they managed to do it. The players. It’s so great.”

However, due to the high consumption of stamina in the previous matches, it was not possible to overcome the limit. 안전놀이터

Taking advantage of that gap, the opposing KGC succeeds in overpowering the base with strong pressure.

[Park Ji-hoon / KGC]
“Carrot played until the 5th round of the 6th round, but he clearly thought that there was a physical burden.”

The probability that the winning team in the 1st round will advance to the championship match is 78%.

Attention is focusing on whether Carrot will be able to write a ‘miracle drama’ once again by breaking through this probability.

’99 to 43′ 56 points difference… harsh spring basketball

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