“I respect (Yang) Hee-jong hyung, I support you in your second life.”

Yang Hee-jong of Anyang KGC will end his 15-year professional career with the 2022-23 season on the 22nd. At the news of his retirement, Ha Seung-jin cheered for a new life by conveying a message full of friendship for 21 years.

Yang Hee-jong and Ha Seung-jin were the fearsome duo that led Samil Commercial High School to the nation’s strongest in 2002, 21 years ago. He was evaluated as the future of Korean basketball, winning 4 gold medals in the national championships as well as winning 22 consecutive victories.

Their friendship continued to Yonsei University and the national team. Although there was a time when Ha Seung-jin left for the NBA, they broke up for a while, but before participating in the 2008 KBL rookie draft, they visited the site to support Yang Hee-jong’s professional game, proving their special relationship.

As star players representing KGC and KCC, Yang Hee-jong and Ha Seung-jin had a heated confrontation. However, at the All-Star game, they wore the same uniform and boasted great teamwork.

Ha Seung-jin, the ‘younger brother’ who decided to retire before ‘older brother’ Yang Hee-jong, is now living a new life. He has talked about his friendship with Yang Hee-jong several times through his YouTube channel even now when his body is gone. The relationship between the two was so hot. 온라인카지노

In a phone interview with MK Sports, Ha Seung-jin said, “I just heard that Hee-jong’s older brother is retiring. He wants to organize his thoughts and send a separate message.”

The following is a message Ha Seung-jin sends to Yang Hee-jong.

Our respected Heejong hyung. To hear that you are retiring, countless moments with you are running through your mind.

It’s a pity that I can’t see my older brother who always throws his body and burns his fighting spirit even when he is in a bad physical condition.

A message from Ha Seung-jin, a ‘younger brother’, full of friendship for 21 years.

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