AI (artificial intelligence) completely overturned the paradigm of Go. However, if cheating using AI is not prevented, Go may be destroyed. it’s a serious crisis

It has been 7 years since the match of the century in 2016 between 9th dan Lee Sedol, the strongest player in the human world of Go, and Google Deep Mind’s AI ‘AlphaGo’.

Even before the match, the prevailing opinion was that ‘AI would have a hard time defeating humans at Go, even if it did not know chess’, and Lee Se-dol himself thought so, but the result was AlphaGo’s victory. It was a miracle that Lee Se-dol won a match with a demon he found in a dead end.

메이저놀이터 Since then, the world of baduk has completely changed.

It was discovered while researching AI Baduk that the landing point, which was impossible to imagine with a human head, is the perfect landing point for the entire country, and all professional players have devoted themselves to AI research. For this reason, there is an evaluation that the leveling of the paving stones has been achieved to the extent that it is difficult to distinguish the superiority and inferiority between the strong and the weak until the first 50 moves.

However, in December of last year, when the case of ‘cheating’, which was heard intermittently, made a stir in the baduk world, an amazing thing happened during the Chunranbae, a world tournament.

One of the strongest players in China, Yang Dingxin, 9th Dan, raised suspicion of cheating by his colleague, Li Xuanhao, 9th Dan, who is playing in the same team in the Gapjo League, on SNS belonging to Chinese Go players, and said, ‘In a closed room where all electronic devices are controlled, the 20th Let’s have a great country. If I lose, I will leave the Go world,’ he said. In other words, he openly raised the suspicion that Li Xuanhao cheated. In response to this remark, other players in China, such as Ke Jie and Chen Yao-ye, expressed their support, and the situation spread with one wave.

Li Xuanhao, who was in the top 20 in China’s rankings, won two championships in his home country last year when he was in his late 20s, and made it to the final by breaking Yang Dingxin 9p and the world’s strongest Shinjinseo 9p in the Chunlan Cup. may win However, even though both Dingxin Yang and Jinseo Shin made no mistakes, the Go world was surprised that they were completely defeated after being dragged to the point where they could not use their strength properly. Because Li Xuan Hao was not that strong.

This is not just news that shook the Chinese Go world. Depending on the facts, the field of baduk is a huge event that could put an end to it.

Currently, AI’s energy is at such a level that even the world’s strongest Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, has to fold 2 points. It means that anyone can win if a professional player of a certain skill plays a game with some electronic device and external help (if it is possible to let an external helper watch the relay and let AI know the next start).

Currently, both the Korea Origins Committee and the China Crisis Association conduct thorough body searches during world competitions, and are said to be sending supervisors to each other to observe the situation and write reports. After Yang Dingxin’s remarks, the China Crisis Association said that it could not find any suspicion during the preliminary body search or the game. The fact that Li Xuan Hao does not conduct joint research or practice matches not only in the national team but also in his team, but only AI alone, also raised the fire of controversy. Of course, there is a possibility that Li Xuan Hao’s efforts will bear fruit.

Some Go fans speculate that there may be a way to receive information through a hidden communication device when going to the bathroom, but this is not easy either, and it is not a way to consistently place AI moves. It seems a bit more likely to speculate that there will be a method whereby an external helper watching a game broadcast after hiding a receiver somewhere on the body informs them of where to start from time to time.

Predictions are prohibited as no suspicious device or situation has been uncovered at this time. However, in the future, if non-face-to-face confrontation due to corona continues and the possibility of AI cheating remains, it will be a common task in the Go world to somehow remove the room.

Although it can interfere with the game, there are also ways to prevent transmission and reception from the outside by enabling supervisors to detect electronic devices from time to time in suspicious situations, or by operating a radio interference device or blocker while conducting the game in an enclosed space. If several people are playing, it is worth considering designating a bathroom and changing the designated bathroom if you go more than twice.

Delayed relaying is also being discussed. In the case of relaying a major country through live broadcasting, ‘if there is a way to transmit and receive’, it can be started with assistance, so it is to reduce the effect of assistance by delaying the relay for more than 30 minutes.

As already known, chess, which was the first mind sport to try a match between a computer and a human, is also suffering from AI cheating. Even in domestic Go and Janggi, there are cases where AI has been used in online matches, and Go lovers complain that it is already common in amateur matches.

Although the appearance of AI would threaten the existing game of Go, it would not have been a ‘public enemy’. It can be seen as a fresh stimulus that informed the existence of numbers that humans could not have imagined for hundreds of years. However, if more people use AI as a ‘trick to win’ rather than as a partner for baduk study, it will be an irreversible disaster. In 2023, Go may fall into an ‘AI shock’ that is more surprising than the appearance of AlphaGo.

‘AI’ that overturned the Go paradigm, if it can’t stop cheating, it could end Go

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