What kind of treatment can a big hitter, who has a history of home run king and RBI king over the four seasons he played in the major leagues, sign an extension contract with his team?

The New York Mets signed a 4-year, 50 million dollar (approximately 63 billion won) contract extension with Jeff McNeil (31), who won the National League batting title last season. ‘MLB Trade Rumors (MLBTR),’ which deals with major league news, picked Pete Alonso (29), one of the best guns in the league, as a candidate for another extended contract with the Mets on the 8th (Korean time).

Alonso made his major league debut in 2019 and caused a sensation by hitting 53 home runs. Having won the National League Home Run King, he also won the Rookie of the Year title. In 2020, which was played in a shortened season, he left a batting average of .231, 16 homers, and 35 RBIs, and in 2021, he showed a powerful blow with a batting average of .262, 37 homers, and 94 RBIs. succeeded in ascending His career major league performance was a .261 batting average with 146 home runs and 380 RBI.

‘MLBTR’ said, “Among the players currently on the Mets’ roster, Alonso stands out as the most obvious extension candidate.” About 204 billion won) I predicted that the contract would be a barometer.

Raphael Devers, who signed an 11-year, 331 million dollar (approximately 417.2 billion won) contract extension with the Boston Red Sox last month, is also one of the targets for comparison.

‘MLBTR’ said, “It is unlikely that Alonso will receive more money than Devers,” but “Boston saw the deal with Devers last spring as a factor comparable to Olsen’s amount, but eventually went beyond that.” Also, with the recent market price skyrocketing in ransom, it is predicted that there is a possibility of making a ‘big hit’. Here, the media added, “The Mets have shown no fear of spending despite astronomical luxury tax rules.”

Then, if the Mets and Alonso sign an extension contract at this point, what would be the expected size? “Perhaps the contract period will be 8 years and the total amount will be mutually agreed within the range of 180.5 million dollars (approximately 227.4 billion won),” the media predicts. The $180.5 million for eight years includes the annual salary of $14.5 million Alonso receives this year (approximately 18.3 billion won). 스포츠토토

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