‘There is no more brutality for LG Twins foreign batters. I’m here to cut you off.’ LG Austin, who turned concerns into expectations by racking up three hits in the opening two games, raised both arms.

The LG Twins have not benefited from foreign hitters in recent seasons. Rio Ruiz, who was recruited last season with high expectations, was released during the season with a batting average of 0.155, 13 hits in 84 at-bats, 1 home run, 6 RBIs and 10 runs. Then, Robel Garcia, who was recruited as a substitute, had a batting average of 0.260, 28 hits in 136 at-bats, 4 homers, 19 RBIs, 21 points and 4 stolen bases. Similarly, the result was a failure.

No one knows how the result would have changed if LG, which advanced to the fall baseball stage last season, had a foreign hitter with a long shot. For example, Kiwoom, who was the opposing team, led the atmosphere by blowing one shot at a time when Puig was needed.

LG fans who do not want any more foreign hitters brutality have high expectations for Austin, who will wear a pinstripe uniform ahead of this season. If Roberto Ramos, who hit 38 home runs in the 2020 season, would do the same, it would be a great situation. If a foreign hitter plays a certain role, LG, which has a solid mound, can go higher.

Austin has a batting average of 0.228, 11 homers and 42 RBIs in 126 major league games. He had a minor league triple-A batting average of 0.268 and hit 17 homers last year. He is not a big shot hitter with explosive long hitting power, but it is evaluated as a mid-to-long distance hitter with accuracy.

Austin, who was in good shape during the camp, started in right field as the third hitter in the opening game, but failed to hit. The only consolation was that he went 0-for-3 and walked in the 9th inning.

Second match with KT. Austin, who started as the fourth batter and first baseman, got a hit with an exciting swing from the first at-bat. The moment of his first hit in the KBO After arriving at first base, Austin was delighted by making a gesture to coach Lee Jong-beom, saying, “Have you seen a hit?”

Austin, who did not forget the ceremony to make his fingers round when the LG players made a hit, seemed to get the hang of it. He also led the atmosphere at the beginning of the game by stealing second base, aiming for an opponent’s gap. 메이저사이트

Austin, who scored a total of three hits in the middle, left, and right, played 3 hits in 5 at-bats, 1 RBI, 2 runs, and was replaced by Shin Min-jae in the second half of the game.

Austin, who gained confidence with three hits, entered the dugout and shared a high-five of joy with his teammates, starting with coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, and smiled brightly.

At the point where we just played 2 games out of 144 games, excitement is prohibited. However, Austin, a spray hitter with 3 hits and hitting balls in all directions, definitely got off to a good start. It remains to be seen whether the LG Twins will benefit from foreign batters this season.

‘Are foreign batters ending cruelty?’ Austin with 3 hits…’LG Unscratched Lottery’

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