On the 5th (hereinafter Korean time), the winning protagonists of SSG Landers had a ‘surprising’ reunion.

On the 5th, at a Korean restaurant in Miami, Florida, SSG pitchers Choi Min-joon and Oh Won-seok met Wilmer Font, who had played for SSG until last season. Font left a ‘proof shot’ through his SNS account. Font opened with the caption, “With my Korean brothers,” and in the picture were the players, the interpreter, and Font’s son.

SSG is currently digesting spring training in Vero Beach, Florida. It happened that Font was conducting personal training in Miami, and was contacted through an interpreter. This day was the first official holiday after the SSG team arrived in the US. For the holiday, the SSG players went to Miami, about two hours away by car, and met Font. Font signed a minor league contract with the San Diego Padres last month. I signed a contract with an invitation to major league spring camp, and San Diego will begin training for pitchers and catchers in Arizona, USA from mid-February. Fonts are also expected to join at this time. 메이저사이트

This meeting was actually the beginning of a promise made between Font and the players since last year. Choi Min-joon explained, “Since last summer, we promised to have a meal together at spring camp this year. During the last season, we spent a lot of time together, such as going to a raw fish restaurant with Font and Jang Ji-hoon, and eating sushi with Oh Won-seok.” did.

Oh Won-seok said, “Font took care of me a lot during the season. The locker room seat was close, so we met often, and he always called me ‘Ace’ and helped me to have confidence. A player who was,” he praised. He continued, “It’s been a while since I met him, and Font bought me delicious meat.” Even when he was playing for SSG, Font was famous as a ‘Korean food maniac’.

Choi Min-joon also said, “Seeing Font with his family, he looks happy, so I feel good too. I said that Won-seok and I will do well this season, and SSG will be able to win again this year as both the hitter and pitcher have good skills. They said it was the same,” he cheered, saying, “I hope Font will have the best season of the year without injury.”

Of course, I look forward to the day when I can play with Font again someday. Font, who spent two seasons at SSG, was a key player in last year’s championship. He was subject to renewal this year, but he had a strong will to try again in the major leagues. Choi Min-jun joked, “I asked Font if he would come to SSG again next time, and then he said he would think about it again.”

“Are you coming to SSG again?” The story of the winning protagonists coming together in the United States

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