Legendary striker Dixie Dean was mentioned in the scoring pace of Elling Holland, the ‘monster striker’.

Haaland is likely to win the English Premier League (EPL) top scorer award this season. Despite spending his first season in the EPL, Haaland scored 25 goals in 19 appearances, leading the race for top scorer early on. Second-ranked Harry Kane is also said to be on an all-time scoring pace in his career, but he is 9 goals behind Haaland.

There is also an expectation that the EPL will be able to change the record for the most goals in a season. The current record is held by Alan Shearer and Andy Cole, who scored 34 goals, but both records were set when the league played 42 rounds. Based on the current 38 rounds, Mohamed Salah’s 32 goals is the highest scoring record. Of course, it doesn’t change that Shearer and Cole’s records are at the top of the history. If Haaland scores 9 more goals in the future, he will tie the record for the most, and if he scores 10 goals, he will write a new record.

Dean was summoned locally at Haaland’s scoring pace. Dean is a legendary striker for England and Everton, who started his career in the 1920s and played until 1940. He played 447 games and scored 395 goals in Everton alone, and remains as Everton’s legend until now, becoming a statue in front of Goodison Park and guarding the home stadium. In particular, Dean scored a whopping 60 goals in the 1927-28 season alone, and Everton won the championship. Born in 1907, Dean died in 1980 at the age of 73.

Britain’s ‘BBC’ compared Holland and Dean’s record, saying, “Holland is looking at Dean’s record. Can he walk on water?”

This is why ‘BBC’ used the expression ‘walking on water’. Asked if he thought his previous record of 60 goals could be broken, Dean said, “I think so. But the only person who can break this record will be someone who walks on water. I think he’s the only one.” he replied. A person walking on water is in fact a non-human being. 토토사이트

The BBC’s conclusion was that Holland would not be able to match Dean’s record. Dean scored 60 goals in 39 matches. Haaland has scored 25 goals in 19 matches so far. Man City have digested 20 games, and there are 18 more games left until the end of the league. Haaland needs 35 more goals to match Dean’s record. He said he should score two goals in every match.

Because of Holland, who has the best face ever, recalls the legend of ’60 goals’

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