Cheonan City FC reinforced its strength by simultaneously recruiting the next generation of Vietnamese football players. Striker Vu Minh Hieu (21) and defender Nguyen Can Anh (23) were hired on loan. The heat of the soccer Korean Wave that was transmitted to Vietnam has become a hotter wind and is now blowing toward Korea. 카지노

An and Hieu are from Hoang Ain Gia Lai, which plays a pivotal role in Vietnamese football. From his youth team to his professional debut, he succeeded. Hoang Ain Jalai is well-known for working with Arsenal (England) early on to establish a systematic youth education system and putting in efforts to nurture young talent. In fact, Vietnam’s national football team’s main resources are lined up.

An and Hieu, recruited by Cheonan City, are also promising players who are expected to be selected for the next-generation Vietnamese national football team while polishing their basic skills. Ahn, who grew up through the Vietnam national soccer team by age, was noticed by coach Park Hang-seo (65) and was recognized for her value when she was selected for the Vietnam U-22 national soccer team in 2020.

Expectations are high that both players will be able to show a competitive appearance with their 180cm tall physiques and the ability to play multiple positions. Park Nam-yeol (52), head coach of Cheonan City, confirmed the growth potential of the two players through tests and evaluated them as resources that could help the team entering the K-League 2.

In particular, despite the language communication problem, the ability to quickly understand the coach’s tactical instructions and the solid basics to implement them are getting good reviews. Vietnamese duo An and Hieu, who actively wanted to go to the K-League, are also said to be passionate about training, raising expectations for their debut.

Cheonan City, which has formed a richer squad with the joining of An and Hieu, who are considered the next generation representatives of Vietnamese football, will play against Busan I-Park in the 2023 Hana 1 Q K League 2 opening match held at Cheonan Sports Complex at 1:30 pm on March 1st. is ahead of

Cheonan City recruits Vietnam’s next-generation representatives Ahn and Hieu at the same time

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