Did Choo Shin-soo (41, SSG) want a correct answer with no error? Were there high expectations for him? I think it was. Camp has begun, but the aftershocks are still shaking the baseball game. 안전놀이터

I think Choo Shin-soo expressed his personal opinion confidently. As a baseball expert, he seems to have raised a topic in the baseball world. As much as his influence was great, the wave was also great. The problem is that he overlooked the point that his remarks ‘may not be the correct answer’. Even the president of a country cannot give the correct answer depending on his case. The same goes for Shin-soo Choo. So, his remarks are a process of finding answers. Of course, you may not like what he said. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just different. It is just that we have to find an answer by colliding with each other like a ‘correspondence’.

We emphasize ‘creativity’ in our students. The same goes for baseball dream trees. It calls for ‘creative’ play. Acknowledging differences is the starting point of ‘creation·creation’. However, professional baseball walks the opposite path. back and forth don’t match In the case of Choo Shin-soo, only the part of Ahn Woo-jin’s school violence was illuminated and he was beaten. Choo Shin-soo did not even advocate school violence. If you look at his entire remarks, Ahn Woo-jin is part of it, and the whole context is the main content of baseball development. Nevertheless, he went beyond a witch hunt and was mass lynched.

What I expected from Shin-Soo Choo from MLB was not all of his excellent play. He played baseball in the United States, not Korea, and was successful in competition. He is a background that inevitably has a different mindset from KBO players. So I hoped Shinsoo Choo would sound different. He hoped to offer a different perspective. There is no need to say the same things as the players who played in the KBO, including Choo Shin-soo.

As a result, Choo Shin-soo said something different, and was assaulted for some remarks. Nonetheless, I think it makes sense. Several baseball players, including manager Lee Kang-cheol, Kim Hyun-soo, and Ahn Young-myeong, revealed their personal intentions little by little in addition to their goals for the season. Thanks to Choo Shin-soo. With this opportunity, more baseball players are requested to make their own statements. Professional players are experts in their field. The league develops when they join and make a sound. Only then will we be able to confidently tell young players to play creatively and creatively.

With this incident as the starting point, I hope that a culture of exchanging opinions wisely will spread. Not to mention the United States, just looking at Japan, many baseball players such as Jang Hoon and Darvish do not hesitate to make sensitive remarks. Make sure to point out what to point out. However, their words are not always the correct answer, but they work as a driving force for change. Originally, the medicine that is good for the body is bitter. If we turn away saying it is wrong just because the medicine is bitter, we are always in the same place.

The 10 KBO teams started spring camp on the 1st. I wish everyone to shake hands and run vigorously. Choo Shin-soo also cheers.

Choo Shin-soo is not wrong, but ‘different’

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