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In professional sports, star’s poems and poems are now familiar to fans.

But last weekend, singer Lim Young-woong’s K-League poetry celebration was a little different.

He has many evaluations that he left a good precedent for poetry, but can it lead to a box office success in the K-League?

Reporter Park Jae-woong covered the story.

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Im Young-woong’s effect was amazing. The stands were filled with fans wearing red mufflers

from two hours before the match . There were also many fans who visited the soccer field for the first time in their lives. [Choi Ok-gyu] “I’m from Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do. I heard that Young-woong is having trouble.” [Hwang Yeon-suk] “I woke up at 5 am in Ulsan.” [Jung Kyung-soon] “Young-woong invited us. So we should come.” The stadium seemed to be leaving due to Lim Young-woong’s poetry. At halftime, a heated celebration performance continued. As much as the number of 45,000 people, the largest number of spectators in domestic professional sports after Corona, the manners of Young-woong Lim and his fans were also a hot topic. To protect the grass, all the performers wore soccer boots and [Lim Young-woong] “Is the grass okay?” The fans also cheered and stayed in their seats according to the rules they made.

Of course, players like this.

[Hwang Ui-jo/FC Seoul]
“I think we were able to win again because Lim Young-woong came. I hope you will come again next time.”

FC Seoul’s official supporters, ‘Guardian Shin’, also responded with a thank you note on social media.

[Lee Hye-min]
“You didn’t leave your seat and kept sitting down, and even though Lim Young-woong was behind you, it was nice to look back slightly. The people behind you also continued to support Hwang Ui-jo…” First

outing in the K-League, thanks to a popular star.

The 3-0 win wasn’t bad either.

[Hwang Yeon-suk]
“Thanks to Lim Young-woong, I came to the soccer field for the first time since I was born. Hwang Eui-jo and Ki Sung-yong are so cool. Men in real life are so handsome.”

But I don’t know if I will come again next time.

[Choi Mi-seon]

“I think I need to think about that for a while.”

[Park Ji-hyun]
“I’ll honestly think about it.”

In the heat of the round of 16 of the last World Cup. 메이저사이트

The K-League, which started a frightening popularity drive at the beginning of the season, leading to the concept of popular stars.

It is now up to the players to see if they can take the 2nd and 3rd steps of fans who have visited the soccer field for the first time.

Concept time axis’ cloud spectators .. ‘Should we go see it again next time?’

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