The confidence given by the high-altitude march of 8 consecutive wins is considerable. Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand (45) is finally starting to trust his juniors.

The Manchester derby will be held at Old Trafford on the 14th (Korean time). The atmosphere in which Manchester City’s dominance was predicted was quite different this time. Man United has recently won 8 consecutive wins and is emitting hot momentum, so expectations to beat Man City in the home room have risen to the fullest.

In the meantime, Manchester United had all kinds of worries ahead of the big game. Ferdinand also confessed that it was painful every time he watched his parents’ game for 10 years after Alex Ferguson left. However, there is no anxiety right now ahead of Man City.

He said, “Man Utd came into the Derby with the thought that ‘of course we will lose’ for too long. Or even going to a place like Brentford, it was a team that would lose 3 or 4 goals.” We can do it. We are imagining that we can beat Manchester City and dominate the ball.”

It’s fun to watch Manchester United change with manager Eric ten Hag. “Of course we have to play our best to win and I hope Manchester City fall short, but I’m excited to see players gaining confidence every week,” said Ferdinand.

“Ten Haag is putting the right pieces together. He has developed quite a few players. Luke Shaw has grown and the value of Diogo Dalot and Marcus Rashford has gone up,” said Ferdinand. “I’ll try. I think there are several ideas. Manchester United will not give up the unilateral surrender they have shown so far.”


Confidence crazy: “Man Utd, imagine dominating Man City”

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