Carlos Correa’s off-season saga has come to an end.

On the 11th (Korean time), he passed the Minnesota physical examination in Minneapolis and signed a contract for 6 years and 200 million dollars. He became the Twins Man again. It is the largest contract ever signed by the Twins. The club held a press conference immediately on the 12th. Correa played one season with the Twins last year and became a free agent (FA) by opting out, and is the main character who heated up the Stove League. On this day, “My heart was in the Twins. Thanks to the Pollard family for making this deal happen. I am happy to be back,” he said. The Pollard Family refers to the owner Carl Pollard’s family.

Correa signed a three-year, $105.3 million contract with the Twins on March 23, 2022. He earned the highest free agency fielder’s salary at $35.1 million in salary. On September 21, he injured his right leg while attempting to steal a base against Kansas City. This is the part that was injured in the minor leagues in 2014. After the World Series, he declared free agency using an opt-out on November 8. On December 14, he agreed to a 13-year, $350 million contract with San Francisco. As a fielder, it was his second highest-paid free agent contract, behind Aaron Judge’s $360 million. However, ahead of the press conference on the 21st, the Giants postponed it. A physical examination revealed a problem.

The Giants refused to shorten the contract period and agreed to a 12-year, $315 million contract with the New York Mets on the 22nd. However, on the 25th, Christmas, the Mets also discovered that there was something wrong with the physical examination and made adjustments behind the scenes, but failed to reach an agreement. On this day, the Mets simply said, “I couldn’t reach a contract agreement with Correa. We wish him the best of luck,” he issued a statement. 스포츠토토

After a failed agreement with the Mets, super agent Scott Boras’ ability was once again demonstrated. Experts agreed that Boras’ ability was absolute for this six-year, $200 million contract with the Twins. Even the Twins needed shortstop Correa. At the press conference that day, the club’s baseball team president, Derek Palvi, also showed a bright expression, saying, “I’m happy to have recruited Correa.” The Twins also saw the effect of saving 80 million dollars after the original offer of 285 million dollars over 10 years was rejected.

Correa, like many Latin American players, made his MLB debut at the age of 20 with Houston. Even though the $300 million contract was canceled due to two failed physical examinations, the reason why the Twins readily gave him the club’s highest amount of $200 million was because of his proven career and position as a shortstop.

Since the era of the MLB expansion team in 1961, there are only three legend-level players who have a substitute win contribution (WAR) that is ahead of Correa by the age of 27 as a shortstop. Behind Alex Rodriguez (Seattle, 63.6), Robin Yount (Milwaukee, 44.7) and Cal Ripken Jr. (Baltimore, 43.6) are Correa (39.5).

His career is also brilliant. He has won American League Rookie of the Year in 2015, World Series Champion in 2017, two All-Star Games, Gold Glove and Platinum Glove (in 2021). He had a batting average of 0.279, 155 home runs, 553 RBIs, 508 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.836 in eight MLB seasons. He also participated in 136 postseason games and was strong against big games with a batting average of 0.291, 22 home runs, 64 RBIs, 70 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.834.

In the 2022 season, center fielder Brian Buxton’s injury overlapped, and the Twins tasted postseason elimination in the AL Central District, which is considered weak with a record of 78 wins and 84 losses. In the offseason, they upgraded their power by recruiting Correa, Gonggalpo outfielder Joey Gallo, catcher Christian Vasquez, and infielder Kyle Farmer.

The Twins have advanced to the postseason eight times since advancing to the 2002 AL Championship, but have never advanced to the next level. It will be interesting to see if Correa achieves his dream of advancing to the World Series with postseason victories during his six-year contract. The team’s last World Series championship was in 1991.

Corea passed the physical examination, became the official Twinsman

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