I turned around and wore the Minnesota Twins uniform again. Carlos Correa (infielder), who became a ‘hot potato’ in the Major League (MLB) offseason free agent (FA) market, signed a contract with Minnesota.

Correa played for Minnesota until last season, declared an opt-out, and became a free agent again and came to the market. Many teams have sent love calls to Correa as he is regarded as the best shortstop in the MLB.

He signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants for a total of 350 million dollars (approximately 436.5 billion won) for 13 years, but a problem occurred. A physical examination revealed abnormalities in the condition of the body. The San Francisco club canceled the initiation ceremony and canceled the contract with Correa.

Correa then re-signed as a free agent with the New York Mets. He was condition to receive 315 million dollars (approximately 392.67 billion won) for 12 years. But he didn’t pass the physical test at the Mets either. It is known that both clubs took issue with the condition of the right ankle.

Correa faced an ambiguous situation. In the midst of this, Minnesota played the role of a ‘relief pitcher’.

ESPN, an American sports media, reported on the 11th (Korean time) that “Minnesota and Corea have agreed to a contract.” The size of the contract has decreased compared to the previous two clubs.

Correa and the Minnesota team agreed on terms of 200 million dollars (approximately 249.6 billion won) over six years. The Minnesota club initially offered 285 million dollars for 10 years, but Correa refused and entered the free agent market.

However, Correa could receive up to 10 years and $270 million (approximately) from the deal, subject to a club option, if he is in good shape.

When the option is fulfilled, it is decided to pay $25 million in 2029, the seventh year of his contract, $20 million in 2030, $15 million in 2031, and $10 million in 2032, respectively. Options include ▲ at least 502 at-bats in the previous season ▲ rank within the 5th place in the MVP voting ▲ Silver Slugger Award ▲ World Series or League Championship MVP Award. 메이저사이트

Correa made his MLB debut in 2015 in a Houston Astros uniform. He plays for Houston through 2021 and is rated as the best shortstop in the American League, doing his share of offense and defense.

So far, he has recorded a batting average of .279 with 155 homers and 553 RBIs in his eight MLB seasons. However, there were only three seasons with more than 502 plate appearances.

Correa, Minnesota U-turn 6-year, 249.6 billion won FA contract

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