Last season, the ‘Battle of Tennosan (Battle of Cheonwangsan, Battle of Yamazaki)’, which took place in the middle of the season, came early in 2023.

LGD-AL and UP-FPX face each other in the 2023 LPL Spring Week 3 Day 5 match, which will be held in two regions of China (Hangzhou-Shanghai) at 6:00 pm on the 3rd.

With all four teams forming a decent lower rank, the first winner of the three undefeated teams is expected today.

LGD-AL, Battle of Tenno Mountain in a different world

‘If you win this one match by recovering from the foot of Cheonwangsan Mountain, you are truly the winner of this season’ It was a comment on the LPL’s official Weibo ahead of the WE-LGD match last season.

The Battle of Tennosan originates from Japanese history. It originates from a battle over Mount Cheonwang, the place where Mitsuhide Akechi, who assassinated Nobunaga Oda, Japan’s strongest man, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Oda’s successor, clashed for supremacy in Japan just before the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592.

This season, I came up with this word early. Two losing teams, Lao Gandhi Gaming (LGD) and AnyOne’s Legend (AL), clash to give their opponents their first win. 바카라사이트

After sending out Shadow Zhichang, who was the only playmaker, LGD recruited Meteor from BLG, which the magazine evaluated as a ‘low-ranking jungler’.

Of course, you can’t say that Meteor is the ‘culprit’, but compared to Shadow, Meteor’s activity is at a level where there are no high expectations. The performance is also as expected.

In particular, ‘Jinjao’s Nautilus’, who could be said to be the only hope, was defeated by the AD support meta, and Haiqiao, who showed great play in the mid lane, was defeated by his competitor xqw.

The cost was disastrous. xqw caught Irelia and promoted him to the top 3 contender candidates following Bunny (RNG supporter) -Lp (LNG distance dealer) with his ‘historic performance’ allowing a solo kill to level 5 Kassadin. In the end, Haiqiao, who gave the team the only set victory today, will play again.

AL has no member changes. Likewise, since the release of the mid laner Posey, which was the core, there is nothing to say or stand out.

Even though he was torn by YSKM, if Zhu Dejiang has a mobile battle with Camilo Shaohao, who has ‘confidence’, LGD, who uses a rookie in the 2nd team, is not an opponent that can’t be beaten. Of course I don’t know if I can.

Anyway, a great battle to send out the core and cover the ‘last place’ of both teams that were hit directly is scheduled for 6pm on the 3rd. Unless there is a big change, such as the return of Shadow (LGD) and Forge (AL), who left the team, it seems that a full set match will unfold.

UP-FPX ‘It’s not easy’

There may be fans of Ultra Prime-FunPlus Phoenix (UP-FPX) who couldn’t help laughing after watching the game above, but it’s not easy here either.

UP gave AL, who was running without a win, their first set victory. There was a sharp part in the performance, but the teamwork of all the team members moving separately was ‘still beautiful’.

While wondering if they will be able to match teamwork until the end of this season, UP aims for a 2-win harvest against another former losing team, FPX.

You can’t judge by just a few matches, but FPX is also responsible for the humanity of the LPL.

Jungler Hao Ye’s ‘don’t ask’ charge, LWX losing 1-1 against Elk (BLG, Lucian at the time of the 1st set) without being able to blink, etc. In this situation, it is time to bring in LEC Lupo and Bo Zhouyangbo.

This match, where you can see the ‘fantastic teamwork’ of the junglers of both teams, will take place after the ‘Battle of Tenno Mountain’.

Covering the bottom of the league… LPL worst day

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