Stretch big man Kim Min-wook wears a Day One uniform.

On the 18th, Goyang Day One announced the signing of free agent Kim Min-wook. The condition of his contract is 200 million won (160 million won in annual salary, 40 million won in incentives) for the first season of his contract for 3 years.

Kim Min-wook was not guaranteed a chance to play at Suwon KT. He averaged just 7 minutes and 56 seconds in 11 games last season. He was completely out of the concept of former director Seo Dong-cheol. Two years ago, numerous clubs requested to recruit Kim Min-wook, but KT did not respond. In the end, Kim Min-wook decided to come out of KT on his own only after becoming a free agent. 메이저사이트

Multiple clubs started recruiting Kim Min-wook. Choosing a double Day One was not an easy decision. This is because the survival of the team is uncertain. It became a club that free agents were reluctant to pay wages to players for three and a half months.

Nevertheless, Min-wook Kim chose Day One because he wanted to be recognized for his value as a player. He wanted a team where he could make the most appearances, and his decision was Day One. Manager Kim Seung-gi directly contacted Kim Min-wook and expressed his intention to actively utilize it next season.

Day One looked at the free agent market to reinforce power in a situation where the number 4 power was weak, and concluded negotiations with Kim Min-wook. Day One said, “Until last season, he was unable to show his skills due to the lack of games he played for his team, but it is judged that he will be able to play in many games in Day One.”

‘Day1’s Quiet Oriental Medicine’ Kim Min-wook signs a 3-year, 200 million won contract with Day1

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