D+Kia showed off their strong side against Liv Sandbox. In the 1st and 2nd set matches, all three lines widened the gold gap by mining the 1st turret tower. The second set was particularly outstanding. D+Kia widened the global gold gap to 6,000 despite only gaining 1 kill. It was a game that proved that he was a strong contender for the championship in the spring season. D+ Kia head coach Choi Cheon-ju showed confidence by saying that the team has no weaknesses in the current meta.

Q. How do you feel after winning today’s game?

Cheonju Choi: I played the first two games. When the first match came out until the third set, it loosened up a little while waiting. Nevertheless, I am grateful to the players for maintaining their performance, and I think it is fortunate that they achieved two victories before the Lunar New Year holidays.

Kelly: It feels good to win cleanly 2-0. I was also satisfied with the content of the game.

Q. What did you improve while preparing for this game?

Cheonju Choi: I thought about one thing a lot. We chose the blue side, but other teams prefer the red side a lot. I thought about why other teams preferred the red side, and I studied that aspect and used it a lot in my ban picks.

Q. There were many different situations in the bottom line. How did you play the game from the bottom line?

Kelly:I was very confident in the lineup. So we worked hard, and the direction of the team is aligned well while talking with Hyuk-gyu hyung. There were times when the opponent was strong in the beginning, and there were times when we were strong, and we played the match well with those timings.

Q. ‘Kellin’ is a supporter whose strength is strong laning. That kind of player met ‘Deft’, who also has a strong laning game. How is the chemistry with ‘Deft’ player?

Kelly: At first, the breathing didn’t work out. And the part that the team decided on was very different. But since recently, I’ve been matching a lot, and Deft’ has been a player for a long time, so there are a lot of details. I am learning a lot in that area. 메이저놀이터

Q. What are the parts that are maintained and changed while changing the team?

Kelly: I felt a lot that the game was played neatly without stretching the game.

Q. How are you setting the direction of your strategy?

Choi Cheon-joo: I think all five of us must deeply understand the direction of the ban-pick or the winning plan for the combination that the five of us are pursuing. So we talk a lot about that part.

Q. The performance of D+Kia looks very good. As a manager, what do you think are the strengths of D+Kia? Also, what needs to be improved?

Cheonjoo Choi:The good thing is that the players are all smart. The understanding of the game is so deep and wide. When developing a strategy, the individual’s ability to execute it is also outstanding. Another advantage is that the five members have high trust in each other. There doesn’t seem to be much to improve in the current meta, and I think the future homework is to organize the parts that change every time the patch changes.

Q. If you could convey your determination for the next game?

Kelly: We have a T1 match against Nongshim Red Force next week. I don’t think Nongshim is a bad team, and T1 is also a strong team. I will prepare well and play the game. I hope the fans have a good Lunar New Year too.

Choi Chun-joo: I think we should do our best no matter what team we face rather than doing something more because we are already working hard enough and doing well. However, since we are all away next week, I am very curious about which camp the opponent will choose. I will work hard and prepare well as I always do.

Director Choi Cheon-ju of Dplus Kia, “I wonder why he prefers the red side”

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