Forget the roller coaster. KT’s express train heading for the finals started off smoothly. In addition to teamfight destructive power, they overpowered Gen.G in game management such as before the line. KT Rolster smiled first and took a step closer to the finish line.

KT won the first set in a confrontation with Gen.G before advancing to the finals of the ‘LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ Spring Playoffs held on the 8th at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul. In the bloody battle on the single bridge, KT made a save and took the valuable first set. 스포츠토토

KT countered with a rushing combination, and Gen.G formed a combination that had to be counter-counted while blocking. KT of the rushing combination not only acquired the dragon but also took the initiative in the early stages by raising the first point. After KT took the first dragon around the 7th minute, Ki-in “Kiin” Kim solo-killed Hyeon-jun “Doran” Choi of Gen.G with a super play on the tower. Immediately, KT caught Kim “Faze” Soo-hwan from the bottom and succeeded in scoring consecutively. From the beginning, KT strongly pressed Gen.G and caught the flow.

Gen.G started the pursuit by cutting Kwak Bo-seong of “Bidi-D” in midfield. Amid a tense nervous warfare, KT succeeded in raising the second dragon stack around the 12th minute. Around the 16th minute, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho tried to catch Kim Ki-in through the top gang, but Kwak Bo-seong joined in and was caught in reverse. Woo-chan “Curz” Moon took care of the messenger and then quietly left.

Even in the operation of line lights, KT smiled at the benefits. Around the 19th minute, Kwak Bo-seong circled around the dragon and turned Gen.G’s attention, and in the meantime released a messenger to destroy Gen.G’s 1st mid turret. A teamfight was held in front of the dragon, and they exchanged 1 kill each. Genji got his first dragon.

In the midst of a brief lull, KT scored again as Ha-ram “Aiming” Kim ganked Choi Hyun-joon from the bottom. In the large-scale battle held in front of the dragon around the 25th minute, the immortal Kim Ki-in did not die and held out until the end, and KT won a great victory by sweeping 3 kills while attracting Gen.G. KT immediately took the lead by taking care of the Baron and the third dragon. Around the 27th minute, KT’s kill score was 10-3, and the difference in gold was more than 7,000.

However, an accident occurred about 30 minutes later. Gen.G narrowed the gap considerably by cutting off KT’s distance dealer Kim Ha-ram and Kim Ki-in. But that was it. The second dragon stack was easily given to Gen.G, but KT took advantage of this gap and opened a large-scale battle and won a great victory. Immediately, KT advanced to Gen.G’s headquarters and took the first set by destroying the Nexus in 32 minutes.

“Express train started” KT overwhelms Gen.G and preempts 1 set in 32 minutes

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