Women’s professional basketball (WKBL) Busan BNK, who became stronger when they returned home. However, he gave up the game in an important match. 먹튀검증

BNK lost to Incheon Shinhan Bank 69-76 in the home game of the 5th round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 season women’s professional basketball held at the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan on the 3rd.

This season, BNK showed ‘Home Sweet Home’. BNK, who played 10 games at home until the 2nd, recorded an extreme record of 8 wins and 2 losses. This is second only to Asan Woori Bank (10 wins, 1 loss), the league leader.

It is only natural that better performances come out on familiar courts. However, BNK has a remarkably high home win rate compared to other teams. As a result, BNK, which only ranked 4th with 12 wins and 18 losses last season, climbed to 2nd place with 13 wins and 8 losses as of the 2nd.

The content of the game was also good. Of the 8 games won, 4 games were more than 15 points in half. Conversely, the two losing games were 15 points and 4 points, respectively, and considering that both games were against the overwhelming leader Woori Bank, it can be seen that they made a save.

When asked why BNK is strong at home, Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, said, “The players are in a good mood at Sajik Gymnasium. That’s why they overcome bad conditions.” Coach Park, however, expressed his regret about the away game record (5 wins, 6 losses), saying, “If you are a player, you should break the ups and downs.”

The match against Shinhan Bank, which was ranked 4th after 2 games, was a watershed for BNK in the fight for 2nd place. Still, BNK was able to play with confidence because they met again a week after winning a 79-62 home game against Shinhan Bank on the 27th of last month.

However, the game continued to favor Shinhan Bank. BNK, which was once pushed to 0-8 in the first quarter, started chasing and chased by 2 points in the second quarter. BNK, which gave 31 points to only one player, Sonia Kim, eventually conceded the match.

After the game, coach Park said, “The atmosphere at Shinhan Bank was good, and we couldn’t catch them in the beginning.”

‘Extremely strong home win rate’ BNK, a home defeat recorded in an important event

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