“Martial arts players don’t need anything else, they just want to show their fans a fun and exciting match”

Jang Jeong-hyeok (27, Team Hunter, photo ) said on the 20th, “I really dislike the game style of running away from the cage and managing the score.”

In the meantime, Jang has played all MMA professional matches (3 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses in 7 matches) in a hot style. The Korea Kickboxing Association 75kg champion, he made his opponents helpless with powerful blows.

However, at the recently held ‘Black Combat 6-The Final Checkmate’, Jang was in poor condition due to a failed weigh-in before the match, and lost by decision to ‘Bear Fist’ Kim Jeong-gyun (30, Cheongju Team Mad), who ranked 2nd in the same weight class.

It was the first time that Jang had failed in a weigh-in during his career, and because of this, he had no choice but to compete with the risk of ‘deducted points’.

He said, “I did well in the first weight loss before the game, but I failed to lose 600g in the second sauna because I was not feeling well. And I will never do anything like this in the future 먹튀검증.”

Regarding the suspicion that Kim did not actively participate in the game by using the deduction for Jang’s failure to weigh in, he said, “I provided an excuse for Kim to run away from the cage, and I do not blame Kim.” If I do, I will show my batting skills clearly.”

Jang expressed his confidence that there is no feared opponent in the same body class. In particular, the fact that he lost to Kim, who was compared to him in terms of batting power, was a big failure in weigh-in, and it was not a game for him if he faced off with a bat.

He asserted, “Kim’s stamina is not bad, but he has good strength and body, but he lacks sophistication compared to his punching power.”

Regarding the ‘grappling defense is a weakness’, he said, “In the match with Kim, Kim, whose strength is grappling, couldn’t surpass me.” I will,” he said.

Currently, Jang is looking for an opponent to fight in the match. This is because Lee Cheong-soo (23, Timpath), who is ranked 9th in the bodyweight division, who was scheduled to face off on the 27th, was injured during training.

He said, “This player suddenly got injured and the Black Combat side is looking for other players, but there is no player yet to play.” I also asked for a match with Lee Young-hoon (23, Black Combat Lightweight Ranking 4th), but I didn’t get an answer. Hey, I want to catch the opponent and start the game.”

Regarding his future goal, Jang said, “If I don’t give up on my career as an athlete, I will become a domestic martial arts champion in 4-5 years.” “, he emphasized.

‘Fighter who defected from North Korea’ Jang Jeong-hyeok “A hot blow, fans will always see”

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