Daegu Korea Gas Corporation has lost 7 consecutive losses, the most since its foundation, and the playoffs for the 6th round, which advances even if it is located below half of the 10 KBL clubs, are virtually distant. Gas Corporation, which is often called ‘Spring Basketball’, is far from the minimum goal of each team, and the reason for that unfortunate situation is probably the biggest reason for the 7 consecutive losses that set the record for the most since its founding. Expectations were high ahead of the opening of the season, but how did Gas Corporation, which had a disastrous report card, come to this situation? Let’s take a look at Daegu MBC Sports Plus. 스포츠토토

Gas Corporation ahead of the opening was a ‘winning candidate’
At Media Day held ahead of the opening of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation was named as one of the four teams pointed out as potential candidates in the championship candidate vote held by the commanders. . Although it was not the championship, it was evaluated that the gas corporation, which was classified as the top rank by many experts, achieved aggressive power reinforcement. Based on the sure ace of Lee Dae-seong, Jung Hyo-geun also returned healthy. Gas Corporation, which was disappointed with the height of the previous season, recruited a new foreign player Eun Do-ye and experienced Holloway. The team seemed to have a high sense of stability as the hometown agreement was concluded.
In the first year of its founding, KOGAS, which experienced spring basketball in 6th place with a win rate of 50% with 27 wins and 27 losses, starts the season looking higher than that. With the start of the 1st round, key players continued to slump and Gas Corporation, which was placed at the bottom, seemed to be able to turn around with the return of injured players, and key players including Holloway led the 2nd round and experienced a winning streak, rising to 6th place. stand. Until now, KOGAS had higher expectations for a higher place.

Gas Corporation, which has maintained a win rate of 50% until the 3rd round, but in December 2022, it falls into a 6-game losing streak, the most of the season at the time, and the team collapses rapidly
. Gas Corporation, which led to the injury of key players and the replacement of foreign players, had to spend half of the season as a team that was always sick somewhere. KOGAS, which welcomed the new year in a tie for 8th place, has yet to win after an expedition against Jeonju KCC, the second victory this year on January 24th. And with a record of 7 losses, which is longer than 6 losses, they are still in 9th place with 13 wins and 26 losses. I don’t know if it’s fortunate, but the sluggishness of Seoul Samsung, the lowest place, is so deep that it is a situation where it is not possible to finish last. The fact that there were many injured players is the biggest reason, but the unfortunate thing is that the players’ stamina and concentration are weak. Lee Dae-seong struggles hard, but the reality is that other teams are already playing with answer sheets in that there is no player to support them.

The time of 7 consecutive losses, points to point out
The 7th consecutive loss, the most since the team was founded, started with Wonju’s face-to-face match on January 26th with the opponent Wonju DB, who has always recorded a winning streak since the team was founded. Gas Corporation, which already recorded its first loss to DB, the opponent of 8 consecutive wins in the previous December home game, still aimed for a reversal of the atmosphere based on the good memories of the past, but collapsed sharply in the second quarter and gave up the game. And that was the beginning of the nightmare. In the subsequent confrontation with SK, they lost by 2 points after a close match that went to the 3rd overtime, and lost again by 2 points to the lead KGC the next day in overtime.
Gas Corporation’s disappointment and nervousness grew as the two consecutive matches against KT also lost by 3 points and 4 points, respectively. Changwon LG, which never won the season, and even after leading the first half, collapsed in the second half, and then collapsed in the same way to Seoul SK. These two games collapsed in a row in the third quarter. Losing by a small score and losing a game with a lead continues, and it seems unlucky for Gas Corporation to lose consecutively.

Gas Corporation, which is recording 7 consecutive losses ahead of the home game against leader Anyang KGC on the 12th, should stop the number of consecutive losses. This season, KGC is recording a 50% win rate with 2 wins and 2 losses. This is the only high-ranking team that was equal among KOGAS’ opponents. It was Jeonju KCC in 6th place, Goyang Carrot and KGC in 5th place.

How KOGAS lost the most consecutive losses

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