Hyundai Engineering & Construction without Yasmin and Heungkuk Life Insurance without a command tower presented a great match.

The two teams that have built a clear Yanggang structure this season, and with the turning point won, the direction of the championship cup is in the fog.

This is reporter Lee Ji-eun on the sidewalk.

[Reporter] Heungkuk Life Insurance is in trouble
due to the head coach Yasmin’s injury and the head coach’s hardship. The match for 1st and 2nd place unfolded as a full set match. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was tightly united around Kim Yeon-kyung, caught up even after giving up two sets, but [relay broadcast commentator: Kim Yeon-kyung’s attack! score! It makes the angle like that.] Hyundai E&C, which was ahead in concentration, finally laughed. [Yang Hyo-jin / Middle Blocker of Hyundai Engineering & Construction : Rather than trying to win, the players suggested that we play lightly with each other, but that seems to have worked out better.] The difference between the two teams is 5 points. With a big difference from the 3rd place road construction, we have solidified the Yanggang composition. Heungkuk Life Insurance is leading the team this season with acting manager Kim Dae-gyeong after the confusion that even the new head coach, Kim Ki-joong, resigns. Heungkuk Life Insurance is going through a storm after trying to run the club according to the tastes of the parent company. We had a tough chase in a cluttered atmosphere with insufficient training staff. This is Jieun Lee from YTN. 온라인바카라

Hyundai Engineering & Construction vs. Heungkuk Life Insurance… the direction of victory is in the fog

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