It is news that Lionel Messi (35) of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will end his association with PSG at the end of this season.

The British’BBC’ said on the 4th (Korean time), “Messi will leave the team when his contract with PSG ends this summer,” and “both the club and the player do not want a contract.”

“Messi believes that PSG, with its financial problems, is not a team with the ability to compete in the top European league. complaining about this. PSG will put more weight on finding prospects.”

Messi, who said goodbye to Barcelona at the end of the 2020-2021 season, immediately signed a contract with PSG until the summer of 2023. He has an option for a one-year extension, but he is in the mood to part ways with PSG this summer without activating it.

According to the media, Messi is receiving love calls from various places. He received transfer offers from Inter Miami of the US MLS and Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia.

With 24 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses this season, PSG is the leader of the French professional football league 1, chasing second place Marseille (70 points) with 75 points. Messi has scored 15 goals and 15 assists in 28 league appearances this season.

카지노사이트 The relationship between Messi and PSG has cooled rapidly recently. Because of Messi’s unauthorized departure.

The previous day (3rd), the BBC said, “Messi requested permission to travel to Saudi Arabia after finishing the league match (1-3 loss) with Lorient (held on the 1st). However, it was rejected,” he said. “As a Saudi tourism ambassador, he left for Saudi Arabia for filming without permission from the club, and PSG suspended Messi for two weeks and fined him.”

Messi, who stayed in Saudi Arabia, could not even participate in club training.

Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khatib shared the news of Messi’s visit to Saudi Arabia via his social media accounts. Messi also released photos taken in Saudi Arabia.

PSG eventually punished Messi for violating the club’s decision and going to Saudi Arabia. Messi is not allowed to train during his disciplinary period.

Messi is expected to miss the upcoming matches against Trois and Ajaccio on the 8th and 14th, respectively.

‘I don’t need a one-year extension option’ Messi, after all, the ‘de-PSG’ strand… Unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia → Punishment → Already with the club ‘Cold War’

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