‘Joker’ director Jae-eup Cho has terminated his contract with IG.

온라인카지노 On the afternoon of the 9th, Invictus Gaming (hereinafter referred to as IG), a Chinese LoL team, announced on its official SNS that it had decided to terminate the contract with coach Jae-eup Cho of ‘Joker’ with mutual respect. Coach Jae-eup Cho put down the baton after joining IG in one split.

After terminating the contract with Liv Sandbox as a coach after the 2022 season, Jo Jae-eup settled in IG as a manager in mid-December 2022. IG climbed to the top of the list at the beginning of the 2023 LPL spring, but ended the regular season in 11th place after losing 4 consecutive times in the second half of the season, and failed to advance to the playoffs due to a narrow gap behind WE.

IG said, “Jo Jae-eup was dedicated to the team and tried to develop young players with unique knowledge and experience.”

Meanwhile, on the 7th, IG terminated the contract with Kim “Gideon” Min-seong, along with Jo Jae-eup and coach Kim “JYKIM” Ji-young, announcing a major reorganization.

Invictus Gaming (IG) terminates contract with manager Cho Jae-eup of ‘Joker’

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