The first overall rookie is about to debut in the first team. Changwon LG guard Yang Jun-seok (22, 180 cm) is undergoing a full-scale test to stand on the stage of the first team.

On the 18th, LG coach Jo Sang-hyun said, “Yang Jun-seok has fully recovered from his injury. When I first joined the team, the basics such as quickness were somewhat lacking, but it has improved a lot. Now he trains by bumping into first-team players. We plan to decide the timing of his first-team debut while watching this process.” “(Yang) Jun-seok continues to show his will to ‘can do’, but since he came to the club with an injury, the coaching staff tries to go as safely as possible. He added that he intends to consult with the player and make a final decision on the timing of his debut.”

Yang Jun-seok barely played in college league games last year when he was a junior at Yonsei University. This is because he underwent surgery in April of last year for a major injury in which the cruciate ligament in his knee was ruptured. However, despite his injuries, he boldly declared his professional career. LG, who noticed his potential, exercised his nomination right as the first overall pick in the KBL rookie draft held in September last year. Even after joining LG, Yang Jun-seok continued to rehabilitate, and recently recovered his physical condition to be able to digest his actual game. 헤라카지노

Director Cho said, “If you look at the training, you can feel that the senses such as passing are definitely good. However, his first team stage is different from college. Due to frequent physical fights, you need power to survive. It is necessary to check this during the training process, so that the recurrence of the injury can be prevented,” he repeatedly showed a cautious attitude.

LG is competing in the top ranks with 24 regular league games remaining. Attention is focusing on whether the addition of Yang Jun-seok, who showed off his excellent shooting ability and game-controlling ability on the university stage, will further enhance the diversity and completeness of LG’s guards.

‘KBL Overall 1st Rookie’ Yang Joon-seok of LG, joined the 1st team training and explored the timing of his debut

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