FC Seoul’s uniform number for the 2023 season has been revealed.

On the 9th, FC Seoul announced the team number for the new season through the club channel.

The uniform numbers of freshmen who joined through the winter transfer market came out. Kwon Wan-kyu was number 3, Im Sang-hyup was number 14, Hwang Eui-jo was number 16, Kim Kyung-min was number 19, Choi Cheol-won was number 21, Lee Si-young was number 22, Willian was number 94, Park Soo-il was number 96, and Hosam Iesh was number 99.

Han Chan-hee, who completed his military service at Gimcheon Sangmu, was assigned number 25.

Osmar, Ki Sung-yong 6, Na Sang-ho 7, Ji Dong-won 10, Kang Seong-jin 11, Ko Yo-yeon 13, Palosevich 26, Ko Kwang-min 27, Baek Sang-hoon 35. Number 66 was worn by Han Seung-gyu and number 90 by Ilyuchenko.

‘Eternal Spring’ The late Kim Nam-chun’s uniform number 4 will be inherited by Lee Han-beom. Namchun Kim’s contract expired in 2022. FC Seoul decided to skip number 4 until Kim Nam-chun’s contract period.

Meanwhile, FC Seoul also unveiled the 2023 season uniform ‘1983 Heritage (1983 HERITAGE)’ on the same day. The home uniform for the 2023 season is a design inspired by the founding uniform in 1983, and features a two-tone color scheme divided into left and right halves.

This is the smallest number of black and red (black & red) vertical stripes used among the club’s all-time uniforms. Reflecting the 1983 ‘Bulls Soccer Team’ uniform, the red part means the club’s ‘past’, and the black part represents ‘FC Seoul’. symbolizes the ‘present’. Here, the thin stripe design of the founding uniform was borrowed as it is to inherit the club’s legacy, while using only four lines to add meaning to the 40th anniversary of the founding.

All markings, including the commemorative emblem, use ‘gold’ color to add luxury, and express the glory of the 40th anniversary and the brilliant future to come. The neck tape and size label were also developed with a special design to commemorate the 40th anniversary, and the year of establishment was engraved on the back of the collar, and the commemorative logo was engraved on the lower part of the front of the uniform to enhance the completeness. 온라인바카라

The away uniform is white, and uses the same ‘gold’ marking as the home uniform to maximize the luxurious and sophisticated feel. Likewise, it was filled with elements commemorating the 40th anniversary of the founding, such as the four thin stripes of the founding uniform.

When the goalkeeper uniform was established in 1983, the field uniform color ‘green’ and the goalkeeper uniform color ‘blue’ were connected to the current symbol of the parent company GS, expressing the 40-year history of FC Seoul from the past to the present. In addition, a band across the chest and a pattern repeating the FC Seoul emblem outline were put in to embody the long history of the club.

‘Ki Sung-yong 6 – Na Sang-ho 7 – Hwang Ui-jo 16’ FC Seoul, 2023 season uniform numbers revealed

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