Kim Bo-kyung expressed his anticipation, saying that he had been thinking about playing for Suwon Samsung for eight years.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held the Suwon Samsung winter training media camp at a hotel in Jeju City. Last year, Suwon, which had its first promotion playoff, started its second field training in Jeju from the 25th with the determination to rebound.

Suwon acquired midfielder Kim Bo-kyung through the winter transfer period. Kim Bo-kyung is a veteran resource who has worked for Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai, strong players in the K-League, and has even experienced the English Premier League (EPL) in the past. Suwon’s midfield has become even stronger with the addition of Kim Bo-kyung.

“I came to Suwon for the first time, but I wasn’t unfamiliar with it. I felt like I fit well even when I was wearing clothes,” said Kim Bo-kyung, who said, “I was worried about many teams, but personally, I was interested in Suwon, so I contacted them first.”

Kim Bo-kyung also has experience of training with the Suwon team in 2015 when he was playing in Europe. He explained, “At the time, I thought I wanted to play in a Suwon uniform, and it became a reality. The good memories of that time helped me a lot in deciding to go to Suwon.”

Below is a Q&A from Bokyung Kim’s interview

  • How do you feel about coming to Suwon?

It was not a strange feeling. Even when he was dressed, he felt fit.

  • Have you worked with the players through training?

During the first field training, I joined late because of transfer-related matters. It is now the second day since I came to Jeju Island for the second field training. He thought it would be difficult to adapt to the players because there were more players he didn’t know than he thought. Contrary to concerns, we became friends easily. have fun doing well

  • If you had a conversation with director Lee Byeong-geun,

he asked for help. Because the players are young, they asked me to show a good image as seniors. If you go through training more, I think you will tell me tactically.

  • Coach Lee Byeong-geun foreshadowed soccer, and Kim Bo-kyung said that it should be

the center, but he played a lot to hold the center while in Ulsan and Jeonbuk. The players also expected that from me. I think this is the reason director Lee Byeong-geun rated it highly. To put it bluntly, leading football is not easy. It takes time to achieve your goals. I have faith that I can do it no matter how difficult it is.

  • If there is a player whose breathing is the most expected, there

are players who are expected even though there was not much time to train. When I met with (Lee) Gije, I confirmed my good technique and passing skills. (Go) Seung-beom is also the main axis. (Former) Jin-Woo and (Jeong) Seung-Won are also good players. We need to help each other a lot and develop one step further.

  • Last year, Suwon’s performance was not good.

As a player, the coach’s soccer philosophy is the most important. Because you have to think about the possibility of development. Suwon’s performance was disappointing, but I think it’s a team with a brighter future next year than now. We must try to be in a better position than last year. Instead of trying to get through this year well, the bad part of last year should be used as motivation for this year. You need to build a long-term team.

  • What was the biggest reason you decided to go to Suwon?

I talked a lot with the coach, and I was worried about many teams, but personally, I was interested in Suwon, so I contacted him first. When I was playing in Europe, I had the experience of coming to Suwon to train during the off-season. At the time, coach Seo Jeong-won and coach Lee Byeong-geun were there. He had the idea that he wanted to play in this uniform, and it became a reality. That memory helped me a lot in deciding to transfer to Suwon.

  • Last year, Suwon’s top scorer, Oh Hyeon-gyu, transferred to Celtic,

and when he heard rumors of a transfer, he thought he could go. When he was confirmed, he felt regret. Because I enjoy playing soccer with good players. 메이저놀이터

  • As someone with experience in Europe, if there is anything I would like to give Oh Hyun-gyu,

advancing to Europe is a great motivation for players. It is the hardest thing to go abroad while playing soccer. However, it is possible to develop the most. If you are Hyun-kyu’s age now, you should think that you can take on positive challenges and grow instead of worrying about mistakes and failures.

  • You have achieved all of the national team and overseas advances, but if you have another goal

When choosing a new challenge, always set a goal. I was attracted to a team called Suwon, and I was curious. I want to help Suwon play more Suwon-style soccer. This is the first goal. And the players are very young. I think there will be better players in the future. Even when I was in Jeonbuk, I helped young players like (Song) Min-gyu and (Baek) Seung-ho, and watched their performance improve from the sidelines. Next, it is about achieving the attack point. What Suwon needs most is offensive power. I will try to achieve more than 7 attack points.

Kim Bo-gyeong “I wanted to become a Suwon player, from 8 years ago when I was in Europe”

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