“Before the players say it’s hard.”

In the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), LG is cruising through the early part of the season with a ‘favorite’ performance. With a winning percentage of 0.650 (26 wins, 1 draw, 14 losses), the team is hovering high on the leaderboard with a generous win-loss margin. At this rate, LG should be able to win its first Korean Series title in 29 years.

Given their solid lineup, it’s not out of the question. They have complete depth in both the outfield and pitching staffs. There are a few key players out with injuries, but they’re all working behind the scenes to turn the clock back.

One area that stands out is the outfield. They have Hong Chang-ki and Park Hae-min, as well as Lee Jae-won, Moon Sung-joo, and Kim Hyun-soo. All of them have flashy faces that could be considered starters. Even if you use the designated hitter spot to make the most of them, there will always be a vacancy.

For LG manager Yeom Kyung-yup, the vacancy is a welcome one. “Every time I make a lineup, I think about who I should leave out and who I should rest,” he said with a bright smile before the Incheon SSG game on the 23rd. “Of course, some players want to play a lot, but we have to make sure they are physically fit. It’s very important in the long run. In the summer, people get tired, and (the players) will want to rest themselves.”

“The main thing in May is to make sure we don’t burn out before the summer. They’ve done well so far, but they’ll start to wear down a little bit. My philosophy is to rest the players before they get tired, before they say it’s hard.”

While the outfield is the most abundant, the infield is not much different. “In the infield, when (Son) Ho-young comes up (in late June), (Oh) Ji-hwan can play shortstop instead. Of course, we have (Kim) Min-sung, but he can play third or second base. (Lee) Jae-won is also practicing at first base, so it’s possible. When Ho-young comes back, we’ll have to fit him well (into the first team).”

Once the rotation is solidified, the players will be able to take a full day of rest. “Even if it’s not (a rest day), if a bad pitcher comes up against you, you might miss it once in a while. A full day off would definitely help, but the players haven’t tried it yet,” he said.

“But the principle of rest is given by the coaching staff and me. If they want to take it themselves, that’s not the way it should be. If there is an opinion that it’s time to rest in a training session or something, we will give them a break before they say it’s too hard.” 토토사이트

LG Depths, realizing Yeom Kyung-yup-pyo’s ‘relaxation theory’… Just looking at it makes you hungry

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