Cha Myung-seok, general manager of LG, once introduced his nickname as ‘trade car’. That means he’s open to trade.

In fact, LG has been strengthening its power through many trades.

This is the reason why the trade rumors related to LG have not calmed down.

However, the recent trade rumors from LG have quieted down a bit. There is no talk that LG is actually moving for a trade.

LG is a relatively strong team. There are also a variety of cards that can be put up for trade.

However, trading is something that needs to be matched. If there is a player that LG wants, you have to present a card that suits him.

The lack of this part makes the trade difficult.

Director Cha Myung-seok said, “Everyone presents only cards without hesitation. Perhaps because we have an image of having a lot of players, we often only present cards that do not fit our class. There is a big difference between looking outside and seeing inside. Every single player now is important. A need may arise at any time. The weakening of our power is obvious, but we can’t do trades that don’t match the level.”

It is true that LG power is solid. But there are also variables in it. There are not many players who have been playing consistently for 5-6 years full-time. There are quite a few players of the year who don’t have anything strange at any time.

Just as Hong Chang-ki experienced a failure last year, there are quite a few players who don’t find anything strange about a sudden drop in performance this season. This is why LG has no choice but to be conservative in trade.

In terms of insurance, we cannot afford to neglect investing in players. This is the reason why they are not willing to move in the trade market even though they seem relatively relaxed. You never know when the time to write will come. 토토사이트

Former LG manager Ryu Ji-hyeon once gave this answer to the question of whether there is room in the LG outfield.

“I can’t agree with the analysis that our team has room for outfield resources. During the season, unexpected crises such as injuries and sluggishness may come. In order to overcome such a crisis, many players must be prepared. Even last year, he was evaluated as having enough space, saying he had five outfielders, but at the end of the season, Moon Seong-joo was put in a difficult situation to the point where he had to play as the main player. I think LG can become a little stronger when all the outfield resources work toward becoming a first team starter. Again, I don’t think there is ever room in the outfield. You have to maintain enough players to prepare for any situation. They are not interested in trading at all.”

LG is still not taking a step away from this stance. The thick player base is an asset of LG. In order to tear down that asset, that amount of compensation must follow. If you just present an easy card just because you think there are a lot of players, you can’t trade.

If an LG player is needed, he must present a suitable card. The LG club is not a charity. When you can balance power, you can get the card you want.

LG “Trade? Only cards are presented without any hesitation, only when the class is right”

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