A stadium that does not match the status of a prestigious club.

Martin Ziegler, a reporter for the British ‘The Times’, reported on the 8th (Korean time), “Manchester United’s stadium, Old Tradford, was pushed out of the Euro 2028 stadium despite more seats, behind Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.”

Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford, was in its heyday, but it is also called the worst stadium because it gave up maintenance of the stadium as part of cost reduction after the takeover of the Glazer family. 스포츠토토

Recently, on social media, the toilet drainage facilities in the stadium have been criticized for backflow or dirty facilities. In particular, the controversy is growing as other rival clubs Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City have recently completed or built stadiums.

The evaluation that the stadium did not match the reputation of the prestigious club eventually led to the elimination of Euro 2028. The United Kingdom applied to host Euro 2028 in the form of a union of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

As much as they are fighting over the bid with Turkey (Turkey), the UK is also keen on selecting a stadium to apply for. In this process, Manchester United’s stadium, the most prestigious in the English Premier League (PL), was excluded.

Ziegler explained, “Old Trafford has fallen behind in competition with Etihad Stadium (Man City) in the same Manchester area. Man City’s Etihad Stadium plans to increase its capacity from 53,400 to 60,000.”

“Old Trafford is more suitable for international competitions in terms of size with 74,300 seats. However, except for that, it has fallen behind UEFA’s standards for international competition venues in all areas,” he pointed out.

Regarding Old Trafford, Ziegler emphasized, “Basically, it is evaluated that a large-scale stadium improvement is needed to be used in international competitions. In addition, the redevelopment of Old Trafford after the club took over was also a cause of uncertainty.”

Man Utd’s humiliation, “Euro matches are not possible because the stadium is old. It is worse than Manchester City Stadium”

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