This is sports news. Germany’s coach Jurgen Klinsmann has been de facto appointed as the next coach of our soccer team. After the agreement in the big frame, there is even a saying, “Only the signature remains.”

This is Reporter Oh Gwang-chun.


< Korea 2:3 Germany|1994 USA World Cup >

Klinsmann shook our defense by scoring lightly and gracefully at the 1994 USA World Cup.

Nearly 30 years later, we were once again connected to our football.

This is the position of coach of the national soccer team.

The German football magazine ‘Kicker’ reported that he had emerged as a strong candidate for the Korean national team coach, and even within the Football Association, it was said that the agreement between the two sides was over and only the autograph was left.

Klinsmann was gorgeous.

He tasted World Cup victory as a player, and as a manager, he led Germany and the United States to the World Cup stage twice.

It is symbolic that a world-renowned coach is with our soccer team. 온라인바카라

He is also interested in how to coordinate a high salary as much as his name value.

However, there are also voices asking if only Klins is suitable for our football.

Klinsmann rose to the command tower in Hertha Berlin, Germany in 2019. After quitting after two months, he did not return to the field for three years.

It is necessary to verify whether he is the right leader to keep pace with the rapidly changing flow of football and whether he is in line with the direction our football will go after Bento’s coaching system.

The Football Association will soon meet with Klinsman in the United States to finalize the manager’s contract within this month.

Manager Klinsman appointed as ‘Bento successor’… “Only the signature remains”

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