The weekly wage of English Premier League Manchester United ace Marcus Rashford has been revealed. It is the highest amount ever

The British Daily Star reported on the 30th that ‘Rashford hopes for a new Manchester United contract worth £500,000 per week’. In the meantime, it is known that Manchester United has contacted several times to retain Rashford, but have not been able to reach an agreement, but this is the first time that the amount Rashford wants has been revealed.

Rashford’s £500,000 demand is about 800 million won, which is currently the highest amount in the EPL. So far, no player in the EPL has been paid more than £400,000.

The current highest-paid Premier League players include Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City and David de Gea of ​​Manchester United. He receives a weekly wage of 375,000 pounds (about 600 million won). 메이저놀이터

Rashford’s contract with Manchester United expires next year. So Rash Ford says he has the idea to keep playing for Manchester United, not another club, if United offer him the right amount.

In particular, Rashford is known to be receiving a love call from Paris Saint-Germain. Rashford had already been offered £400,000 a week by PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi last year, but Rashford turned it down. It is reported by the media that President Kellifi is known to be a big fan of Rashford and plans to make bold proposals to him in the future.

Rashford is showing the best performance this season. He made 44 appearances and scored 27 goals, establishing himself as United’s ace. In particular, he is having his best season since taking over as head coach Erik Ten Haag.

So Rashford says he wants an amount that matches his contribution this year. He said that he is currently paid £200,000 a week, and that he would be happy to stay with the team for more than £500,000.

The problem is the sale of the club. It seems unlikely that the current owners, the Glazers, will pay Rashford £500,000 unless they sign a deal to sell Man United. This is because the plan is to keep the weekly wage cap at 300,000 pounds. That’s why Rashford sat at the negotiating table with the club, but could not reach an agreement.

If Manchester United completes the sale by May as planned, especially if it is sold to Qatar’s largest banking group, Rashford’s contract renewal negotiations are expected to accelerate.

Manchester United Ace “$800 million per share” → EPL demanded the highest amount ever

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