Marcus Rashford (25, Manchester United) is in full bloom under manager Eric Ten Hag. Ten Haag has admitted to relying on Rashford’s goal-making ability.

In an interview with the British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ on the 6th (Korean time), director Ten Hagh confessed, “Yes, it is true” to the question, ‘Isn’t it too dependent on Rashford?

Rash Ford started his professional career at Manchester United. In 2016, he was called up from the under-18 (U-18) team and showed off his talent, and he was a ray of light under coach Louis van Gaal, who was in the dark. He will play for Manchester United until 2024, having signed a new contract for 2022.

He wore the number 10, the same number as Wayne Rooney, at Old Trafford, but there was a lot of criticism. He didn’t quite adapt to the position and his scoring ability wasn’t top-class. Rumors of a release circulated during the days when manager Eric Ten Hag took the helm.

However, manager Ten Haag believed in Rashford’s strengths. During the ‘2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar’, “Rashford’s level of penetration into the back space is the best in the world,” and compared it with French national team and Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbafe.

Coach Ten Hagh’s judgment was correct. After the ‘2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup’, the only player with more league goals than Rashford in the top 5 European leagues was Victor Osimen (Napoli). Currently, Rashford is showing off his amazing second-half decision making with 15 league goals and 28 goals throughout the cup competition.

He also scored the winning goal against Brantford at Old Trafford, adding strength to Manchester United’s 4th place jump.

Coach Ten Hagh admitted to his ‘dependence on Rashford’, but he also believed in his ability to score in other positions. After mentioning Rashford, he said with a satisfied smile, “I know other players can score too. Bruno Fernandes is also a good decision maker. There are many players in our team who can score goals.” 바카라사이트

Manchester United’s ‘truth’… Rashford dependency “I admit it”

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