Oh Seung-hwan (41), the guardian of the Samsung Lions, drew attention for his unprecedented ‘blank commission’. In fact, for the first time, his salary was cut without injury.

Samsung, which took over the ball from Oh Seung-hwan, announced a 200 million won cut from 1.6 billion won last year to 1.4 billion won after much thought.

Considering Oh Seung-hwan’s weight and importance as the unchanging finish of this season, an incentive plan of 300 million won was prepared in addition to the annual salary to motivate him. The maximum amount that can be received, including incentives, is 1.7 billion won. 안전놀이터

Even if the incentives of 300 million won are filled, the ransom price does not reach last year. Oh Seung-hwan received incentives according to the rules selected under the new annual salary system unique to his team, Samsung, with a guaranteed amount of 1.6 billion won last year. The amount received from this plus alpha was at least 100 million won.

In the end, the interpretation of the term ‘raise if you get all 300 million won in incentives’ is a clear misunderstanding. This annual salary, which was accepted as a blank delegation, is a clear cut even if all incentives are filled.

To Oh Seung-hwan, ‘reduction’ is an unfamiliar word. He has steadily developed with sincere self-management every year and has risen to the top professional finisher in KBO history. As much as his steady performance, his ransom has steadily increased every year.

One exception was 2011. A torn shoulder muscle limited him to 16 appearances and 4 saves. His earned run average soared to 4.83. His annual salary, which was 260 million won, was reduced by 20 million won to 240 million won. The width of the cut was minimized due to the merits of leading the championship.

However, his first salary cut was the impetus. In 54 games in 2011, 1 win, 0 loss, 47 saves, and an average ERA of 0.63, Oh Seung-hwan led the team to the championship through thorough wintering. His 47 saves was the most in a season in the KBO. His ERA of 0.63 was the lowest in his personal career. With the power of the resurrected Oh Seung-hwan, Samsung achieved the feat of conquering the Korean Series for four consecutive years until 2014.

After completing the first year of returning to Samsung, Oh Seung-hwan signed a contract for 1.1 billion won, a 100 million won cut from his annual salary of 1.2 billion won ahead of the 2021 season. But even that wasn’t a real cut. It was a strategic choice to increase the proportion of incentives after the initial cut in accordance with the new salary system. In 2011, when he returned to the Salvation King, he actually enjoyed the effect of an increase as an incentive.

Oh Seung-hwan took his first salary cut without injury. Will he show the miracle of the rebound of 2011 once again?

Oh Seung-hwan will be eligible for free agency after this season. I can’t give up my expectations because it’s Oh Seung-hwan, who is an age well past his age, but it’s hard to explain with his physical age.

Oh Seung-hwan has 400 saves (-30 saves) in the KBO this season and 500 saves (-8 saves) in Korea, the U.S. and Japan, all awaiting him. It seems that he has a clear motivation for the team that needs to rebound and his personal record.

The great leap forward of the king of the final stage, preparing again using the annual salary cut as a stepping stone. This is the most certain scenario that can erase Samsung’s bullpen anxiety.

‘Memories of 12 years ago’ Even if the incentives of 300 million won are filled, an obvious cut… Will the second humiliation of the career be a stimulus for a rebound?

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