Michael Müller, the new head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, did not disclose any information about the appointment of the next coach. He emphasized one thing: start with a blank slate.

On the 11th, a press conference was held at the Soccer Hall in Sinmun-ro, Seoul, by Michael Muller, the new chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee. In Korea, coach Bento, who had been in charge for more than four years, resigned from the last ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’ in December. Since then, Lee Yong-soo, chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, has also left, and the appointment of the next manager has become the responsibility of the new chairman Mueller.

Chairman Muller is a person who has worked for the Korea Football Association for more than four years and has improved youth education by mainly taking the position of technology development chairman. He was known as Michael, a German foodie, but through a press conference, he asked, “Please call me Michael because it’s a more international pronunciation,” and showed a friendly and active appearance, such as saying both the first and last greetings in Korean.

However, unlike his friendly attitude, most of his contents avoided immediate answers. He was all about information. For example, when asked about seniority and principles, Müller said in Korean, “I am German.” He meant that he would appoint them with German stability and procedure, and that he wanted to avoid speculation. He said “nothing has been decided” and “will be discussed with the candidate” to most questions. 메이저사이트

Most of the questions, such as whether to prioritize the owner of a particular soccer philosophy or whether a manager who has a ‘division’ like Bento’s coach is a priority, were answered in the form of ‘may or may not be’.

Chairman Müller revealed five principles for appointment: professionalism, experience, motivation, ability to create teamwork, and environmental factors. These are all common items. Environmental factors may seem like an unusual expression, but according to Chairman Mueller’s explanation, they were basic matters such as “whether it is possible to live in Korea.”

This is in contrast to Kim Pan-gon, then head of the National Supervisory Board, who led the appointment of Bento coach four years ago. At the time, from the beginning of the appointment of the manager, Chairman Kim said, “There are within 10 candidates. We will contact you from tomorrow.” “He talked about specific plans. At the time, Chairman Kim was in the state of about half a year after taking this position, and there is a difference that he has already carried out his work, such as evaluating coach Shin Tae-yong, who directed the previous World Cup. However, in that the interview was conducted about 40 days before the appointment of the director, it is no different from now. The Football Association has announced plans to appoint the next manager by the end of February, so there are currently less than 50 days left. 메이저사이트

Because of this type of avoidance of specific answers, Chairman Mueller’s “blank state” draws more attention. Previously, the Football Association announced that the former power reinforcement committee had selected candidates in the first round, and that Chairman Muller could add candidates here. However, Chairman Müller made it clear that the inherited list was only a list and did not affect the decision, saying, “I have received the list of candidates for the former committee and thank you, but it is currently blank. All directions will be left open.”

As a result, more weight is placed on the appointment of foreign directors than domestic directors. Prior to the Qatar World Cup, the Football Association had been reviewing the possibility of appointing a domestic coach and selected candidates. However, in the World Cup finals, the effect of the appointment of a foreign coach appeared and the players rushed to express their satisfaction, and the atmosphere changed. After that, it is meaningful that a new foreign chairman took office and said, “The state is blank.”

Müller prepared Korean, but avoided answering questions right away… The only thing I was certain of was “a blank slate”

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