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An open event for child fans was held at Jincheon National Training Center, which is called the cradle of national athletes.

It was a fresh experience for the kids as well as the players.

This is Reporter Park Jae-woong.

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Jincheon Athletes’ Village where Children’s Day was held for the first time in four years.

At 10:30 am, a run reminiscent of an ‘open run’ begins.

Signing events were held for players in five sports including table tennis, archery, fencing, and gymnastics.

Ping pong sticks and balls, as well as the clothes he was wearing.

It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you can get players’ autographs.

[Lee Min-sol·Lee Ji-sol]
“I was so good at something that I dreamed of being a gymnast back then.”

“I want to be a doctor.”

[Yeojeong Yeo/National gymnastics team]
“I’ll become a doctor later and heal my sister, if it hurts? I’ll go?”

The dream trees who received the Tteokbokki gift from Shin Yu-bin challenged themselves today.

[Kim So-eun]
“Yubin unnie enjoyed the tteokbokki.”

“I want to play table tennis with Yubin.”

Goo Bon-gil, a winner of two Olympic gold medals, also feels complicated in front of a crying baby fan.

“How many months is it?”
<14 months.>
“Because he’s a baby, I want to see him. I think he’s been 3 weeks now… It’s been 60 days now.”

The main characters of today’s Jincheon National Training Center were children.

메이저놀이터 Memories with the national team players have become precious treasures.

“I got your autograph!!”

About 2,000 fans left their memories while looking around the athletes’ village where the players were sweating, and the players with four months to go before the Asian Games were able to put down their tension for a while.

[Park Kyung-min/Volleyball National Team]
“The energy is so bright, it’s very lively, and I think it’s better.”

[Shin Yubin/National table tennis representative]
“I’m not tired. I’m getting strength.”

This is Park Jae-woong from MBC News.

National team met with children… “We are getting strength”

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