Criticism of Ivan Perisic began to emerge.

England’s ‘The Athletic’ said on the 14th (Korean time), “Perisic was mostly set-pieces at the beginning of the season, but recorded 7 assists. He was a trusted player in the left wingback position as he recorded the most help among Tottenham players. However, in the past few Over the past month, his performance has declined, and he is starting to be left out of the starting lineup in favor of Ben Davies, who is starting to emerge as a wing-back for the first time under Antonio Conte.”

Perisic was recruited by Tottenham this season and leaped into the starting lineup. Fans hoped that Perisic and Son Heung-min’s breathing would explode from the left side, but the reality was the exact opposite. Conte changed Son Heung-min’s tactical role to give Perisic an attacking role. Son Heung-min focused on giving Perisic a pass while playing like a midfielder.

카지노 As a result, Son Heung-min’s scoring power decreased significantly. If Perisic was saved at the expense of Son Heung-min, he should have scored more than that, but Perisic’s attack points are only 9 assists this season. Due to the role change, Son Heung-min’s scoring ability decreased, but rather, it was Son Heung-min who was criticized.

But lately, his mood has changed. This is because Perishi’s attack efficiency has greatly decreased. Compared to the first half, his cross success rate dropped significantly. After the 2022 World Cup break in Qatar, Perisic’s attack points in the league were only one assist.

Conte started using Davies to replace Perisic. Conte’s change was right. When Perisic didn’t come out, Son Heung-min’s ability was revived, adding variety to the attack on the left. Perisic has started five of his last eight games, but Tottenham haven’t won one when Perisic started. Perisic only started winning when he came off the bench.

‘The Athletic’ also pointed out the problem, saying, “The collaboration between Perisic and Son Heung-min in Tottenham was not very effective. Often they interfered with each other.” If Perisic’s performance does not change in the future, he will continue to be pushed out of the starting lineup.

Now the charter is reversing… Perisic, who does not fit with Son Heung-min, is finally subject to criticism

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