Do Jae-wook, who struggled in offline competitions, joined the quarterfinals by showing off his ‘championship’ performance.

Afreeca TV will host the 1st week of the quarterfinals of the e-sports league “Afreeca TV Star League Season 15 (hereafter referred to as ASL Season 15)”, which will be held with Blizzard Entertainment’s “StarCraft®: Remastered” from the 3rd (Mon). proceed

Do Jae-wook (P) and Kim Seong-dae (Z) will participate in the first match of the quarterfinals starting at 7:00 pm on the 3rd (Mon). In the round of 16, Do Jae-wook advanced to the quarter-finals by showing a unique amount of play against Lee Jae-ho, the winner of last season 14.

Do Jae-wook has not made it past the round of 16 since the last 11 seasons. In particular, it is encouraging that he beat Lee Jae-ho, the winner of season 14, in the winner’s bracket and joined the quarterfinals, rather than finishing second in the group four seasons ago (season 11).

On the other hand, Kim Seong-dae, who clearly showed the aspect of the Defiler Master, is also drawing attention to what kind of game he will show against Jae-wook Do.

The 2nd round of quarterfinals featuring Park Seong-kyun (T) and Kim Myung-woon (Z) will start at 7pm on the 4th (Tuesday). A fierce confrontation is expected between Park Seong-kyun, who advanced to the quarterfinals with aggressive play in the round of 16, and Kim Myung-woon, who returned to the quarterfinals based on stable early-mid game management. 바카라

For the ASL Season 15 quarterfinals, the winner of the round of 16 winners will prioritize the maps for sets 1-3 or 2-4, and then 5 sets of maps will be selected by lottery from the remaining 3 maps.

An ASL match prediction event is also held for users watching the game. More details about the event can be found on the official African TV ASL broadcasting station.

Meanwhile, ASL Season 15 is officially sponsored by Lotte Chilsung Beverage’s energy drink ‘Hot Six’. Live broadcasts and VOD of the tournament can be viewed on the Afreeca TV eSports page.

‘Online Strongest’ Do Jae-wook is dead, ASL Season 15 Quarterfinal Match?

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