After going through the ‘Heroes of the Storm’ event, will they be able to leave an impressive footprint on the international stage in ‘League of Legends (LOL)’? Top laner Lee “Rich” Jae-won is rumored to be heading to North America’s “LOL Championship Series (LCS)” stage after passing through Korea and China.

On the 17th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), multiple foreign media such as ‘Blix’ and ‘Dexerto’ reported through sources that Lee Jae-won is highly likely to join Dignitas as a replacement for top laner Irrfan ‘Amut’ Tyquek. On March 18, right after the last game of Dignitas’ spring season, ‘Amut’ already said on his personal SNS, “I played the last official game. He hinted at his transfer, saying, “I had a gloomy time because of his defeat and the unfortunate incident in his hometown of Turkiye.” Dignitas finished last spring season at the bottom (10th, 3 wins and 15 losses).

Lee “Rich” Jae-won, who was rumored to be transferring to Dignitas, is a player who switched to LOL after spending the best player days in the “Heroes of the Storm” event. He debuted in the LCK in 2019 and was active under Nongshim (former Dynamics). Lee Jae-won, who greatly contributed to Dynamics’ promotion to the LCK, served as a nongshim franchise star until 2021.

Lee Jae-won, who moved to the Chinese stage in 2022, showed off his skills in V5 (Ninja in Pajamas, NIP) and was selected as the ‘All Pro First Team’ in the spring season. However, the sluggish summer season and playoffs got in the way, and he left the team after the start of the 2023 spring season. 바카라사이트

Dignitas built a competitive roster in North America, recruiting Lucas “Santorin” Larsen and Nikolai “Jensen” Jensen, aiming for the playoffs, but suffered a major setback in the spring season. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jae-won’s recruitment will make a rebound.

‘Rich’ Jae-won Lee, is going to challenge North America… Foreign media reports on Dignitas transfer

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