Arina Sabalenka (5th place, Belarus) won the women’s singles championship at the Australian Open tennis tournament (total prize money 76.5 million Australian dollars, about 66.26 billion won) and became the first major singles champion won the title.

Sabalenka defeated Elena Rivakina (25th, Kazakhstan) 2-1 (4-6 6-3 6-4) in 2 hours and 28 minutes in the women’s singles final on the 13th day of the tournament held at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on the 28th. ) won.

Sabalenka, who had previously advanced to the semifinals only three times in singles at major competitions, even won the championship trophy in her first final match.

It has been 10 years since Victoria Azaranka (24th) won the 2013 Australian Open that a Belarusian player has become the women’s singles champion in a major tournament.

Sabalenka will receive 2.975 million dollars (approximately 3.67 billion won) as the prize money for winning this tournament.

It is also expected to rise to second place, the previous highest ranking, in the world rankings to be announced next week.

Sabalenka went on a four-game winning streak against Rivakina.

Sabalenka, who won the first round of the Adelaide International, a prelude to this tournament, continued her 11-game winning streak this year.

For the second time in her career, Rivakina had to be content with reaching a major singles final.

Rivakina, who won Wimbledon last year but stayed in the top 20 because ranking points were not awarded for this tournament, is 11th Daniel Collins (3 rounds, USA) and 1st place Iga Sibiong Tech (4 rounds, USA) at the Australian Open. Poland), 17th place Yelena Ostapenko (quarterfinals, Latvia), 24th place and two-time Australian Open champion Azaranka (semifinals), etc.

Rivakina’s ranking is expected to rise to 10th.

This is the first time a Kazakh player has reached the top 10 in the women’s singles rankings.

A game in which the spears of the two players, who enjoyed aggressive play, collided with each other.

Both players tried to press the opponent with their strong serve and forehand.

The first player to be shaken was Savalenka.

If Sabalenka made one mistake, she committed a double fault or unforced error one after another, giving away decisive points one after another, and in the end, Rybakina took the first set.

Sabalenka, however, regained her composure in the second set.

With a bold and aggressive shot, he broke Rivakina’s second serve game and eventually balanced the game. 먹튀검증

Sabalenka broke the opponent’s 4th sub game in the 3rd set with a powerful forehand and tipped the pendulum.

In the final game of the third set, Sabalenka narrowly won the championship point after missing three times.

Sabalenka lay down on the court and wept tears of emotion when Rivakina’s last shot crossed the line and the victory was confirmed.

Savalenka, who played hot tennis, greatly outperformed Rivakina in the sub ace (17-9) and winner (51-31).

Sabalenka wins Australian Open women’s singles First Major Champion

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