Lim Dong-seop can only play after waiting for two games.

Seoul Samsung and Changwon LG traded Lim Dong-seop and Choi Seung-wook on the 11th. It was a trade that reflected Yang Tam’s will. Samsung wanted Choi Seung-wook to strengthen their defense, and LG wanted Lim Dong-seop to improve their 3-point shooting competitiveness.

Choi Seung-wook can play from January 19th, against Suwon KT, Samsung’s first game after the All-Star break. However, Lim Dong-seop is not allowed to participate in Wonju DB match on January 17th and Daegu KOGAS match on January 20th. He can play from the match against Jeonju KCC on January 22nd after taking two games off.

Here’s why. Samsung played a total of 31 games until the 11th when the trade was decided, but LG played 29 games. LG played two less games. In the regular league, each team is required to play 54 games, so LG has 25 games left.

Accordingly, if Lim Dong-seop, who has already played 31 games for Samsung, plays all the remaining games (25 games) for LG, he will play 56 games.

Ahead of the 2004-2005 season, KBL made a rule that ‘a player who moved to a team due to a trade cannot play in the same order of the previous team’. During the 2003-2004 season, Jeon Hee-cheol (currently SK coach), who belonged to KCC, was traded to Seoul SK. At that time, KCC had played one more game than SK. Jeon Hee-cheol played all the remaining games in SK, and as a result, he became the only KBL player to play 55 games. 바카라사이트

Because of this, KBL made a rule that prevents a player from playing more than 54 games after the season to prevent this from happening again.

As the trade reflected the will of the command towers of both teams, attention will be focused on whether or not he will participate after the trade. Even if it is not the 54-game participation limit, participation may be delayed depending on the team situation. Who will be the first player to play after the trade and the one who will bloom?

‘Samsung-LG trade’ Choi Seung-wook can play immediately, Lim Dong-seop waiting for 2 games?

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