At Chelsea, striker Obameyang (Gabon), who was classified as out of power, is attracting attention.

The British Daily Mail reported on the 11th (Korean time) that ‘Aubameyang may leave for the United States. LAFC are discussing the loan of Aubameyang. While the US Major League Soccer (MLS) transfer market closes in April, Aubameyang can join LAFC. LAFC reported that after Bale’s retirement, there was a gap in the offensive line.

Aubameyang joined Chelsea ahead of the transfer window closing last summer. Aubameyang, who played for Arsenal for five seasons and served as captain, returned to the Premier League stage six months after moving to Barcelona.

Coach Tuchel, who was in charge of Chelsea at the time of the transfer market last summer, trusted Aubameyang and recruited him, but the situation changed after Tuchel was sacked and Porter took over. Aubameyang was excluded from Chelsea’s UEFA Champions League entry after the winter transfer window. After being excluded from the UEFA Champions League entry, Aubameyang showed wanderlust, going on vacation to Italy despite being in the middle of the season. 토토사이트

Aubameyang played 11 Premier League games for Chelsea this season, scoring just one goal and showing less than expected performance. Chelsea recruited attackers such as Juan Felix (Portugal), Madueke (England), and Mudrik (Ukraine) through the winter transfer market to strengthen their strength, and Aubameyang’s position became more unstable.

Ray Parlor, who played as a midfielder representing Arsenal from 1992 to 2004 and won three Premier League titles, said, “MLS may be beaten by Aubameyang. Aubameyang can score in every game in MLS.” Meyang is not part of Chelsea’s future.”

Shock of being excluded from the Champions League → ‘Chelsea striker, leave for MLS’

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