Suwon Samsung, a professional football K-League 1 ahead of departure under the new command tower system Kim Byung-soo, has been noisy from the start.

Analyst Kim Tae-ryung, who was brought in by manager Kim while he was building a new coaching staff, recently became controversial as it was revealed that he provided prediction services with his face and name on a betting information site.

Analyst Kim wrote in the analysis article, “‘Byeong-soo Ball’ (coach Kim Byeong-soo’s nickname) is a football I know well. I am confident of all-killing even the colon information.”

It was promoted to purchase the post by proudly asserting his friendship with the director.

Analyst Kim has started working with the coaches of coach Kim, who took over as Suwon coach on the 4th.

Although he has just come to Suwon, it could be a serious inside information leak if an insider who knows the club’s circumstances writes on a betting site.

The betting site sells analysis articles on sports events such as soccer, baseball, and basketball for a fee. Buyers believed in the signboard of Analyst Kim, a former commentator, and were willing to pay money.

According to the Suwon club, analyst Kim recently worked at the betting company until 2016, and after quitting, he worked only as an advisor and did not write analysis articles.

An official from the Suwon club said, “We also found out about it through articles such as fan communities. We didn’t even know there was such a site.” and continued to use his name in that company.”

He added, “The article was posted without the permission of analyst Kim. The club inquired on the site, and they also acknowledged it. The article has already been down and has requested an apology to be posted.”

At the same time, he explained that “the company posted an article by stealing the name of analyst Kim Tae-ryung.”

However, according to industry insiders, analyst Kim was known to have been deeply involved in the New Year’s party until 2019.

According to an official familiar with the situation of the betting company, analyst Kim insisted that he could not be ignorant of his betting text. 안전놀이터

An official who requested anonymity said, “It’s a comedy that analyst Kim doesn’t know what he wrote.”

He went on to explain, “He said he didn’t know, but through his face, someone else wrote and kept taking a portion of the profits.”

The Suwon club side, which held responsibility for the company, also belatedly acknowledged analyst Kim’s fault.

An official from the club said, “It’s a kind of industry practice.” Analyst Kim seems to have been distracted as he came to Suwon with coach Byung-soo Kim.

At the same time, he drew a line saying, “What came up before through Analyst Kim’s face was things before working with the club,” and added, “I decided not to work with Analyst Kim and the betting site. This will not happen in the future.”

The Korea Professional Football Federation is also closely watching this incident. A federation official said, “We heard about this situation, and the federation is trying to figure out the context.”

Suwon ‘Kim Byung-su’ from the start… Analyst Betting Information Post Controversy

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