Japanese Software Provider and Entertainment Company Officially Selected as Second Partner to Release Games Through Swintt ‘s Game Change Product Vertical

Malta, September 27, 2022: Award-winning software provider Swint and Japanese entertainment company Samurai Studio® by NatsumeAtari announce a partnership this month, with the latter preparing to distribute games through the SwinttStudios partnership program We are happy to inform you that

SwinttStudios is an innovative initiative developed by the Malta-based company to enable boutique software providers to develop and distribute games within the existing Swintt framework.

As one of the few global video slot development companies in Japan, Samurai Studio® will leverage Swint’s extensive distribution network and convenient backend tools to further expand its brand reach by releasing games in many new markets. I plan to continue.

NatsumeAtari was established in 1987 as a company that provides technology, artwork and services to game companies and pachinko manufacturers. With the group philosophy of “Happiness for everyone involved in NatsumeAtari”, Samurai Studio® was born in October 2020 and decided to start producing video slots.

NatsumeAtari will now leverage this industry experience to develop a series of exclusive games through the SwinttStudios partnership program, giving new and existing players the opportunity to experience an exceptional video slot, each with its own unique theme and character. To do.

This news will no doubt be welcomed by many of Swintt’s partner casino customers with more exclusive content coming to their lobbies.

By fully leveraging Swintt Studios’ product portfolio, Samurai Studio® will further expand its innovative collection of online video slots, allowing both parties to bring the game to new audiences in a clearly highly anticipated collaboration. will be

Swint CEO David Mann said:

“But by working with SwinttStudios, we can help them reach the next level.

SwinttStudios has witnessed the studio’s talent for design and innovation, and is now able to share game logic and product delivery knacks as well. Exclusive games produced through SwinttStudios’ partnership program are guaranteed to reach all markets where they are needed thanks to our distribution network. This allows them to prioritize cutting-edge game development. 』

I am commenting.

Mitsuhiro Koide, Chief Operating Officer of Natsume Atari, said:

“For our company, which was founded with the mission of delivering happiness to everyone involved with Natsume Atari, we are pleased that our partnership with SwinttStudios will bring even greater joy to our players.

Joining hands with Swintt on this exciting venture will allow our talented team of designers and developers to focus on creating the most immersive and fun games, and Swintt’s distribution solutions and deep industry know-how will help us help reach new audiences with your products. 』


Swintt Studios and Samurai Studios Partner

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