The Atlanta Braves, which are ranked No. 1 overall in the Major League based on the strongest batters, will be stronger. The ace, who is out of injury, starts his return.

The Athletic of the U.S. announced on the 7th that Max Fried (29) will play a rehabilitation game in the minor league Triple-A on the 10th (Korea Standard Time).

Currently, Fried suffered a left forearm injury and left the team after a game against the Baltimore Orioles on May 6. He is expected to return late this month or early August.

Arm injuries often lead to elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery). But Fried didn’t go to Tommy John surgery.

The news of Fried’s rehabilitation 먹튀검증 game is very good news for Atlanta. This is because the ace will return to the team that has the highest winning rate based on the strongest batters.

Atlanta has 58 wins, 28 losses and a 0.674 winning rate until the 6th, ranking first in the National League East as well as in the Major League. He recently surpassed the Tampa Bay Rays.

On top of that, if Fried, who recovered from injury, shows the same performance as last year, he is expected to be able to maintain the overwhelming No. 1 position.

Fried, a seven-year Major League Baseball player, pitched 185 1/3 innings in 30 games last year, recording 14 wins and 7 losses and a 2.48 ERA. Second place in the National League Cy Young Award.

He then pitched 26 innings in five games before his injury this season, also showing good performance with 2 wins and 1 loss and a 2.05 ERA.

“The 1st place” ATL THE BOYZ will be stronger.”

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