Cosplay. This is what the Korea Football Association did for behind-the-scenes administration.

The association announced on the 27th that it had appointed German coach Jürgen Klinsmann as the head coach of the national team A.

Public opinion is negative. His downhill career and the past when German players negatively commented on his leadership style are being talked about. It is not yet known how much performance Klinsman will achieve in Korea. He may fail as he fears, but he has a good chance of overcoming his concerns and going on the path to success. 카지노사이트

The association’s problem lies not in the appointment of manager Klinsman per se, but in the way he is appointed.

On the 20th of last month, the association appointed a total of six members as members of the National Power Strengthening Committee. All of them are actively active in the professional and university stages, and some of them declined to serve as committee members due to their busy schedules, but it is known that they accepted the offer with the association’s persuasion.

The association made efforts to make the ‘Mosin’ members as maids of honor. Thomas Müller, chairman of the power reinforcement committee and Hwang Bo-gwan, head of the technology headquarters, who led the personnel appointment, did not mention the candidates or the negotiation process at all to the committee members. Even after notifying the news of the appointment of director Klinsman on the day of the announcement, it was announced to the world 30 minutes later. The opinions and thoughts of the committee members were not reflected in this personnel appointment. Important discussions such as what kind of director is needed and what qualifications should be possessed have not been made at all.

As a result, it is known that some members expressed outright dissatisfaction with the association’s behavior. To make matters worse, it is rumored that some members did not attend the meeting that day. The committee is virtually paralyzed, but the association has done a ‘cosplay’ to run the committee.

The football community’s gaze toward the association’s leaders is cold. An official who is familiar with the committee’s circumstances criticized, saying, “The committee members actually think of themselves as attendants,” and “I wonder if it’s common sense to recruit people with a lot of work to do as committee members and act like that.”

Another footballer also said, “In the first place, it seems that the association had no will to decide candidates in close consultation with the members. Wasn’t it originally intended to carry out personnel decisions based on the opinions of some high-ranking officials, including the president of the association, Mong-gyu Chung? Nevertheless, it is no different from recruiting busy committee members and doing cosplay to maintain the system well. It seems to be using members as a shield against negative public opinion. If I had been told from the beginning that I would be playing an extremely limited role, I would not have reacted so negatively,” he added.

The association has already experienced firsthand how dangerous it is to appoint a director based on the feelings and thoughts of a few. To compensate for this, the committee’s function was strengthened and collective intelligence was used to reduce trial and error. However, the association made a U-turn in a more primitive and risky direction, even though it knew what was more reasonable. I don’t know what kind of philosophy and direction this organization is leading Korean soccer.

Chairman Chung suffered a high defeat in the recent FIFA Council member election. He is being criticized by the football world for not being a leader enough to lead an organization called the Korea Football Association, after going through a diplomatic disaster that was pushed back by Southeast Asian countries that he looked down on. The ability of the leadership to assist Chairman Chung is also continuously questioned.

Through this appointment process, Chairman Chung and his leadership once again lost public opinion in the football world. This has nothing to do with Klinsman’s success. This is because hasty administration is not justified by the results.

The committee is a hogu? On the same day, some members did not attend the meeting… The Football Association’s System ‘Cosplay’

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