“Even though the atmosphere at the beginning of the season was not good, you continued to support us. Now I have to repay you with grades.”

KT Rolster’s Ki-in “Kiin” Kim expressed his thoughts on winning three consecutive victories. 토토사이트

KT won a 2-1 come-from-behind victory over Gen.G in the 4th week of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) spring regular season held at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 11th. Those who succeeded in winning 3 in a row recorded 5 wins and 3 losses (+3), surpassing Dplus Kia (4 wins, 3 losses +3) and became 4th alone.

In an interview after the game, Kim Ki-in laughed, saying, “I had a fun game after a long time.” However, there was a deep regret at the end of the sentence. It was because of the solo kill he gave in the first set that day. He said, “I was killed by a foolish solo. He regretted it again, saying, “It is just an excuse to use physical condition and concentration as an excuse.”

-After a fierce battle, Gen.G won.
“I don’t think I was able to concentrate during the first set. After the game, he thought, ‘I made a ridiculous mistake’, so from the second set onwards, I tried my best to focus on the game. He got a solo kill at 6th level, which is an excuse, but he didn’t check the opponent’s 6th level. I feel uncomfortable because I won a solo kill in vain. It’s an excuse, but I wasn’t feeling well today, and I couldn’t concentrate because it was the first set.”

-After losing the first set, what tactical changes did you personally and as a team make?
“When I saw only the jungle, mid, and bottom, the mistake in the first set was a problem at the level of not even giving feedback. I made up my mind and tried to focus only on the game. Inside the team, we decided that being ganked a lot was a loss, so we focused on avoiding Han “Peanut” Wang-ho’s ganking from the next set.”

-They played close to the end of the 3rd set. When did you intuit that victory was over?
“I thought it was an advantage because I took a lot of kills in the beginning. However, the snowball was not rolled as much as expected, so the game was prolonged. I guessed that the opponent was hunting the first Baron, but I gave the buff because I couldn’t deal with it properly. It is something that needs to be fixed.”

  • These days, there are many evaluations that Kim’s skills have improved.
    “There are emotions I felt when I was doing well. At the time, I used to get the feeling that ‘no matter what I do, it will work out’. These days, even if not as much as then, sometimes I feel the same way. As long as he continues to win games like this, he thinks he can recover his peak performance. In the end, grades matter most.”
  • Some say that KT’s performance goes up and down like a ‘roller coaster’.
    “I partially agree with that assessment. All of our team are experienced veterans, but they seem to be shaking a lot during the first set. I felt that way a lot today too. On the contrary, I think the reason the roller coaster goes up is because it crashed in the first set, and I felt a sense of alert from the second set.”
  • During the process of moving the team at the end of last year, you mentioned ‘the need for a new environment’. Is it effective?
    “There was a time when I felt that my mind became complacent after being in one team for a long time. I felt the need to start fresh with a new team, new players, and a new environment. I thought that was the prescription I needed at the time. Now that I’m almost done with the first round after moving teams, it seems to be working so far.”

-The next opponent is DRX. It is a team with poor performance but potential.
“We captured strong teams one after another, but on the contrary, we also lost to teams that were evaluated as relatively weak. Just because DRX is below us right now, we must never let our guard down. DRX is a team that will come up quickly because each and every player has a lot of experience. I will never let my guard down and I will do my best to prepare to win.”

The energy of the ‘Gijin Almighty’ wriggling again

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