“During field training, I practiced the short game for two-thirds of the day.”

Sharpened the dull blade properly. The proven long hitting power, improved shot accuracy, and putting all harmonized to achieve a perfect victory. This is the story of Jeong Chan-min (24‧ CJ Daehan Express), who splendidly reported his first victory as a ‘Wire-to-Wire Champion’. Jeong Chan-min, who did not give up ‘1st place’ from the first day to the end of the competition, is already looking at the next competition.

In the final round of the ‘42nd GS Caltex Maekyung Open’ (total prize money of 1.3 billion won) held at Namseoul Country Club (par 71) in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 7th, Jung Chan-min recorded 5-under-par 66 strokes, and recorded a final total of 16-under-par 197, his first win in his professional debut. tasted the joy of

Due to heavy rain on the 6th, the schedule of the 4th round (72 holes) was reduced to 3 rounds (54 holes). There was no change. Jeong Chan-min, who swept 1 eagle and 7 birdies on the first day, and made his name at the top of the scoreboard with 8 under par 63, kept first place with 3 under par 68 in the 2nd round, and on the last day also tied 1 eagle and 3 birdies to win the Korean Professional Golf ( KPGA) Reached the top of the Korean Tour for the first time in his career. He also set the record for being the fifth ‘Wire-to-Wire Champion’ of all time.

Jeong Chan-min is the representative “Geopo” who ranked first in the long hit category with an average driving distance of 317.1 yards (about 290 m) last year, the first year of his KPGA debut. His long hitting ability has already been proven, but shot accuracy was his weakness. Last year, Jeong Chan-min’s fairway hit rate remained at 48.84%. It is true that long hitters have an advantage in golf, but if accuracy is poor, it is only half the game 먹튀검증.

Due to these shortcomings, Jung Chan-min only made it to the top 10 twice last year, but had nothing to do with winning. She finished outside the top 50 in the previous two events this year as well. However, in this tournament, he showed accurate shots and putts with overwhelming long hits. The results of his accurate short game, which he focused on during his last field training, bore fruit.

Jeong Chan-min said, “I think the most different thing in this tournament is the putter. I had a lot of trouble with the putter last season, but using a TaylorMade putter was a godsend,” he said.

He also mentioned the performance of the short game, which he focused on during winter battery training. “The most important thing in field training is the short game,” he said. “Since I am a long hitter, I tried to supplement my shots within 100m. He also paid a lot of attention to his approach around the green.” He added, “I spent two-thirds of the day practicing my short game.”

By winning this tournament, Jung Chan-min also secured a KPGA Korean Tour seed until 2028 and an Asian Tour seed until 2025. As much as he has more peace of mind, he is determined to focus more on preparing for the tournament.

Jeong Chan-min said, “I am really happy with the 5-year seed. I think I will be at ease because I can hit the ball without worrying about seed. Last year, I felt uneasy while doing the Korn Ferry Tour, but I think I can do it more comfortably this year,” he said. want. Right now, I will focus on preparing for the next competition.” At the same time, he also revealed his desire to challenge the PGA Korn Ferry (Part 2) tour in September and October of this year.

The next step of Jeong Chan-min, who is equipped with the triplex of ‘slugging power + accuracy + putt’, is

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