Jung Chan-heon (33), who still remains in the FA market, is dreaming of a rebound through individual training.

Jeong Chan-heon is a veteran pitcher who recorded 48 wins, 53 losses, 28 holds, 46 saves and an average ERA of 4.80 in 389 games (742 innings). He made his debut in the first team in 2008, but spent his career suffering big and small injuries and ups and downs, and after last season, he got his first free agent status after his debut.

먹튀검증 However, the joy of his first FA debut was short-lived. Jeong Chan-heon, who has yet to find a team and remains in the market, is facing a cold reality. However, Jeong Chan-heon is still focused on preparing for the new season with hope.

In an interview on the 18th, Jung Chan-heon, who is doing personal training at the 54K Sports Training Center, said, “To be honest, I am just waiting.” It is a stage in which we are continuously preparing without putting it down. All I can do right now is exercise,” he said calmly.

Jeong Chan-heon is a veteran starting pitcher with a lot of experience, but he is not well-received in the market. This is because his performance last season was not good with 5 wins and 6 losses in 20 games (87⅓ innings) with an earned run average of 5.36.

“Last year was a very regrettable and difficult season,” said Jeong Chan-heon, who regretted it, “I think I took the wrong approach last year because I was motivated ahead of time. Excessive weight loss was out of order. I lost too much weight, so when I moved my body, I didn’t have enough strength, and I had to force myself to use more force. I tried to prepare well in my own way, but the process did not lead to positive results,” he analyzed the cause of the sluggishness last season.

Coach Kim Kwang-soo, who is helping Jeong Chan-heon in his training, said, “Recently, I haven’t seen (Jung) Chan-heon throw for a long time. It has changed a lot since I was at LG. I had a back injury, so I felt like my lower body wasn’t doing well. So, he advised me to focus on flexibility exercises and lower body exercises.”

“Anyway, it felt like my overall form had decreased after the surgery,” said Jeong Chan-heon. So when I looked at it, when he played as a bullpen pitcher before the surgery, he went out 6 shots when he pitched, but at some point it decreased to 5 and a half steps, 5 shots inside. So now he is training to increase his range of motion.”

Jeong Chan-heon, who said, “I’ve gotten a lot better now,” said, “It’s difficult to increase the parts that didn’t appear originally. However, parts that appeared in the past and were temporarily reduced can be recreated. This part seems to have influenced the pitching in some way. As the pitching form became smaller, the speed range was reduced and the decrease in velocity was inevitably visible. If you go more toward home plate again, you can get more power on the ball. In fact, I’m already feeling it little by little,” he said, expressing confidence in the rebound.

The delayed recovery after pitching after back surgery has also improved a lot. Jeong Chan-heon said, “When he first switched to a starting pitcher, he seemed to have a lot of anxiety in the club. But now he doesn’t have much trouble after throwing the ball. Right after the surgery, he had a hard time the next day after pitching, but now he thinks he can fight again. In the past, after playing catch, I felt stiff the next day, but now I feel rather clean. Recently, there are not many teams that have 3-4 consecutive fights, so even a bullpen pitcher can go out enough.”

Jeong Chan-heon, who said, “I don’t care about positions,” said, “Honestly, what I’m used to is midfielder. If the club wants, he can go for long relief and can also play a role in throwing short in the middle. He appealed, saying, “If you want a starter, he can throw long innings.”

Jeong Chan-heon, who hopes to be able to step on the mound once again this year, said, “I received many messages of support from people around me. (Cha) Woochan hyung said, ‘I did it too, but you can’t do it. I also went to camp and signed a contract.” It gives me strength because everyone is cheering me on because I’m still at an age where I can play baseball.” He continued, “It seems that only the bad points of view of me have been emphasized. You don’t have to worry about your physical condition. better than last year I just hope that clubs will look at me with a slightly more positive eye,” he said, asking them to look at his strengths rather than his shortcomings.

‘The problem was the lower body’ Jung Chan-heon, who diagnosed the cause of the sluggishness, dreams of escaping the FA lost child “better than last year”

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